Arambagh Utsab

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The Arambagh Utsab is a winter fair organised every year by the local municipality of Arambagh. It is the largest fair in Hooghly district. It normally spans from 26 December to 1 January of next year. This fair is very popular within and outside Arambagh subdivision . Inhabitants of Arambagh consider this fair an inherent part of their town. Thousands of people from and outside Arambagh gather at the venue every evening during the fair. It is held on the Arambagh High School ground in Arambagh.


Arambagh utsab or pouro yubo utsab comes in 26 December to 1 January in next year.During this 8 days there are more function is held.


Many of the popular singers and dancer comes in this utsab like bangla band(chandrabindu,kaya,kalpurush,vumi),singer Mita Chatterjee, Rupankar, Indrani Sen, Miss Jojo (pop singer), and the other various singer and dancer comes.After finishing the main entertainment the local singer are attend.


Arambagh pouro yubo utsab is going on 18th year.In 1992,2 January this utsab inauguration by the Arambagh chair man Gopal Coach and others. After 10 years the timing of the utsab had change to 26 December in 2002.This utsab is held during the X-Max hollyday.


In every year around 100 shops(troy,books and others) and restaurant,4 types merrigoround comes.approximately 8000 people gather in every day.The lead singer function starts around 6pm.There are separate sitting space is in front of the stage.Total 12 function show is having in this fair.