Arapsu Bridge

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Arapsu Bridge
Old bridge, Arapsuyu, Antalya, Turkey. Pic 01.jpg
The footbridge across the Arapsu stream
Crosses Arapsu stream
Locale Konyaaltı, Antalya, Turkey
Design Arch bridge
Material Stone
Number of spans 1
Coordinates 36°52′51″N 30°39′34″E / 36.880906°N 30.659346°E / 36.880906; 30.659346Coordinates: 36°52′51″N 30°39′34″E / 36.880906°N 30.659346°E / 36.880906; 30.659346
Arapsu Bridge is located in Turkey
Arapsu Bridge
Arapsu Bridge

The Arapsu Bridge is a Roman bridge in Antalya, Turkey. The well-preserved footbridge lies in the Arapsuyu district, 5–6 km west to the city center, at the foot of an ancient mound which is associated with the Greek colony of Olbia.[1]

Partly submerged by a modern weir about 100 m downstream, the exact form of its masonry arch is difficult to determine. According to George Bean, the slightly pointed arch indicates a post-ancient construction date.[1] Colin O'Connor, however, classifies the bridge as a Roman segmental arch bridge, examples of which have survived in the neighbouring province Lycia (such as the Limyra Bridge).[1]


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