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For other people named Arbaaz Khan, see Arbaaz Khan (disambiguation).
Arbaaz Khan
Born 1971 Pakistan
Other names Arbaaz Khan
A K Junior
Occupation Actor
Years active 1996–present
Spouse(s) Khushboo Since 2004
Parents Asif Khan

Arbaaz Khan or Arbaz Khan (Pashto: اربازخان) is a Pakistani film actor. His real name is Arif Khan & Arbaz is his celebrity name. Arbaz Khan is a superstar of Pashto films. He is the son of top Pashto film actor Asif Khan. His debut was the Urdu film Ghunghat, which was released on the July 12, 1996. He has worked in several Urdu and Punjabi movies, too.

In 2003, Arbaaz Khan joined Pashto films industry Pollywood. His first Pashto film Meena Qurbani Ghuwari became a huge hit.

In June 2004, he was married to film actress Khushboo,[1] they have 2 sons, Aryan Khan & Adyan Khan.


Arbaz Khan Movies [2]

Year Title Film
1996 Ghunghat Urdu Film
1997 Umar Mukhtar Urdu Film
1997 Aanchal Urdu Film
1999 Paranda Punjabi Film
2000 Mehbooba Urdu Film
2000 Billi Urdu Film
2000 Daku Rani Urdu Film
2001 Shalwar Urdu Film
2002 Topa Pyar Da Punjabi Film
2003 Yeh Wada Raha Urdu film
2003 Meena Qurbani khuwari Pashto film
2004 Badri Jamala Pashto film
2004 Bashtaghrey Pashto film
2004 Dus Khush Pashto film
2004 Goroba Raqeeba Pashto film
2004 Kabley Pashto film
2004 Khabrey Pashto film
2004 Mehma Khrabgi Pashto film
2004 Nave Yaar Da Mubarak Sheh Pashto film
2004 Niazbeen pashto film
2004 Qumandan pashto film
2005 Dey Zaan Khair Ghawarah Pashto Film
2005 Faqeerano Sara Mah Cheera Pashto Film
2005 Jondand Mey Jana Sara Pashto Film
2005 Khani Na Faqeer Ba Maney Pashto Film
2005 Kyun Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai Punjabi Film
2005 Nadaan Zargeye
2005 Parcham Pashto Film
2005 Pekhawaray Mardanay Pashto Film
2005 Qatil Khok De Pashto Film
2005 Sahib Log Pashto Film
2005 Satadeya Woinam Toba Pashto Film
2006 Lag Da Zre Na Tapos Oka Pashto Film
2006 Sabar Sha Zargiya Pashto Film
2006 Andaaz Pashto Film
2006 Dasey Rata Meh Gora Pashto Film
2006 Ghulami Na Manam Pashto Film
2006 De Ta Yarana Wai Pashto Film
2006 Musafar Pashto Film
2006 Pa Zor Peh Chagla Bozam Pashto Film
2006 Tata Chehilche Mayan Sha Pashto Film
2006 Zamana Satarge Yadegi Pashto Film
2007 Dunya Mey Sta Sanama Pashto Film
2007 Zre Mey Ta Oray Dey Pashto Film
2007 Tiger Pashto Film
2007 Sta Mohabbat Zama Saza Shuwa Pashto Film
2007 Haqueqat Pashto Film
2007 Dita Yarana Woi Pashto Film
2007 Kha pakki khushali Pashto Film
2007 Pakistan zama janan Pashto Film
2008 Sharabi Pashto Film
2008 I Love You Pashto Film
2008 Sharif Badmash Pashto Film
2008 Yarana Pashto Film
2008 Ishq Pashto Film
2008 Target Pashto Film
2009 Zakham Pashto Film
2009 Ishaq Loya Martaba Da Pashto Film
2009 Ma Ba Singa Herawi Pashto Film
2009 Wehshy Badmash Pashto Film
2009 Sitamgar Pashto Film
2009 Da Muhabbar Na Mi Tauba Pashto Film
2010 Sta Da Yaray Na Qurban Pashto Film
2010 Jaal Pashto Film
2010 Zargiya War Khata Na Shy Pashto Film
2010 Zor-Awar Pashto Film
2010 Mala Jawab Raka Pashto Film
2011 Josh Pashto Film
2011 Shoghlay Pashto Film
2011 Aangaar Pashto Film
2011 Prhang Ba Na Cherhy Pashto Film
2012 Ghaddar Pashto Film
2012 Qasam Pashto Film
2012 Dushmani Pashto Film
2012 Baghi Pashto Film
2012 Arman Pashto Film
2013 Ghairat Pashto Film
2013 Inteha Pashto Film
2013 Munafiq Pashto Film
2013 Da hazrat wali Arman Pashto Film
2013 Shart Pashto Film
2013 Qurbani Pashto Film
2014 Haram Khor Pashto Film
TBA Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal Urdu film

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