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Arbiter may refer to:

  • Arbiter or arbitrator, a person by whose decision the parties to a dispute agree to be bound in arbitration
  • Arbiter (electronics), a component in electronic circuitry that allocates scarce resources
  • Referee in sporting matches
  • Arbiter (Halo), a character in the Halo video game series
  • ArbiterSports, a sports officiating software company owned by the NCAA
  • HMS Arbiter (D31), an escort aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom
  • International Arbiter, in chess a title conferred by FIDE to match referees
  • Petronius, a Roman author and satirist known formally as Gaius Petronius Arbiter
  • Arbiter-class starships, Protoss support vessels in the StarCraft science-fiction series.
  • One of the names of the Hindi deity Hanuman.
  • Arbiter, an American metal band.
  • Arbiter, the title of the leader of Jinsy island in UK comedy series This is Jinsy.