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ARBOVIRUS (band).jpg
ARBOVIRUS, 2012. Left to right
(clockwise): Nafeez Al Amin,
Aldnane Alam,
Sufi Maverick,
Suharto Sherif, Asif Asgar
Background information
Origin Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genres Hard Rock, Alternative rock
Nu metal (early years), Experimental
Years active 2002– present
Labels G-series
Members Suharto Sherif
Asif Asgar Ranjan
Sufi Maverick
Aldnane Alam
Nafeez Al Amin
Past members Shobhon
Ishtiaq Jishan
Farhan Tanim
Muntasir Mamun Shubho

Arbovirus is a rock band based out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Formed by guitarist Suharto Sherif, guitarist and lyricist Asif Asgar (a.k.a. "Ranjan") while in College in 2002. The band grew to include bassist Ishtiaq Jishan and vocalist Sufi Maverick (Asrafuzzaman Yousufi).

The name Arbovirus is derived from the Blade II comic book, where the virus is mentioned as the one that, once transmitted through saliva, turns human into a vampire.

Their lyrics cover various elements from self-recognition to the political disarray of Bangladesh, from the 9-6 corporate life to middle-east peace politics, although they focus on a broader humane and optimistic view.

Arbovirus has earned mainstream recognition with the release of their 2006 album 64m 53s". Their second album "Montobbo Nishproyojon" was released online on 5 July 2013.


Beginnings, era with no permanent drummer, and bassist[edit]

Guitarist Suharto Sherif and Asif Asgar were college mates and started playing when they were in the high school. The band was practicing back then just for fun and passion. Several musicians played in this band to get the raw satisfaction through unorthodox jamming sessions. Until 2002 when Suharto was about to participate the Benson & Hedges Star Search with the single "Artonad", and planned to form a band, not just for recreation and fun..but beyond that! Till then the band had no permanent vocal and bassist.

Change in line-up with new vocal, drummer and bassist[edit]

They kept practicing, doing covers of their favourite bands like Pantera, Nirvana, Godsmack and many others. So far they had only one full length track that would give them a full length album deal with G-Series. In March 2003, Shobhon and Himel left the band due to personal and creative differences. Now Arbovirus really needed a new vocal, a new drummer as well as a bassist for the song.

In August 2003, bassist Ishtiaq Jishan and drummer Farhan Tanim (ex-Metal Maze) joined Arbovirus.

Cézanne of Artcell recommended to check out Sufi (whom he came to know on one of Artcell's jamming session), and Jishan. On a Volvo double-decker bus Cézanne introduced Sufi to Ranjan. Sufi had another casual interview at Rajan's house where he met rest of the band including Suharto, Tanim, and Jishan. Sufi had no previous experience of singing in any other bands, so it was a totally raw journey for Arbovirus too.

Agantuk 2 (2004)[edit]

Agantuk 2, Arbovirus' first released single 'Aartonad' (cries of dispare), was released on 12 November 2004.

With the new line up Arbovirus performed in several big gigs including Russian Cultural Center, Engineer's Institute Auditorium, Mohanogor Natyo Moncho, and Shishu Academy.

More Singles (2004–2006)[edit]

from 2004 to 2006, after releasing of their first single 'Aartonad' they released 'Obhishap' (Curse) in the album 'Din Bodol' and 'Shopnadishto' (Instructed-in-dream).

64m 53s (2006)[edit]

Arbovirus, after releasing 3 singles, took some time off to record their debut album 64m 53s.

The whole album was a totally different experience for the band, since it was their debut album. Arbovirus took 1 long year to produce this album under the banner of G-series, produced by Iqbal Asif Jewel.

The album recording was done on 'Studio Bass', 'Dream Desk'. Mixing and Mastering was done in 'Not of this earth'. Their album covers genre from Grunge and Hard rock to Psychedelic rock.

64m 53s was released on 20 July 2006 under the banner of G – Series.

They began performing in acoustic shows, specially organised by LiveSquare.

With increasing interest in the song among the listeners, radio stations began playing "Ja ichhe ta" and the studio version of "Omanush". Arbovirus made videos for Omanush, Obhishap, and Aartonad with the help of famous music video producers like Ilajar Islam Rajib and Rommo Khan.

On 26 January 2006, Arbovirus performed at the Salt Lake Stadium on the eve of Indian Republic Day along with Artcell, Metal Maze, and Fossils. This was their fist performance outside Bangladesh.

On 1 October 2010, they have performed at the BAMBA Concert for Sundarban at the Dhaka Army Stadium along with Miles, L.R.B., Artcell, Nemesis and others.

LiveSquare is currently managing all their shows and tours.

Future (2008–later)[edit]

After October 2008, bassist Jishan moved to Arizona to pursue his career as a software engineer, who now works for Facebook. Aldnane Alam replaced him after Jishan left.

In February 2009, drummer Tanim also moved to UK to pursue higher education. After almost a year's on-and-off audition – Muntasir Mamun Shubho of Aurthohin filled the position. It was also his engagement with music after 4 years long hiatus. Later – he migrated to Australia around February 2012 – so Nafeez Al Amin (ex-Dethrow, ex-Breach, ex-Groovetrap)replaced him.

On 5 July 2013 Arbovirus has released their much awaited 2nd album "Montobbyo Nishproyojon" (No Comments Required) which was powered by Sprint and managed by LiveSquare. The recording of the album started from mid January 2013 on Acoustic Artz, Phi Studio, and at the personal studio of Kumar Bishwajit. Instead of releasing in the form of Compact Disc, and under the banner of a record label – they uploaded the entire album online and set for (guilt) free download.

They have more materials ready for the 3rd album and an EP.

Style and Influences[edit]

Five heads of Arbovirus have got totally five different types of musical taste. With their earlier albums in particular the band displayed a large amount of experimental qualities, mixing traditional as well as contemporary genres such as heavy metal, punk rock, Nu metal, and grunge with funk, and mainstream hard rock.

Throughout their career Arbovirus has used elements from a wide variety of genres and styles, receiving complements from the critics focusing the band's ambition and potential, though it has also made them difficult to correctly classify. Most conclude that Arbovirus is, at its basis, a rock band.

The band has plans to use various Indian Musical Instruments and various Electronic music, Industrial music elements in their upcoming tracks. Glimpse of these can be enjoyed on their tracks 'Keu Karo Noy'.

Their recent collaboration with acclaimed DJ Werd Pace, Rapper Amewu and Beat boxer Shanto in their collaboration tracks have added a totally different sound contributing and enriching Bangla Rock Music.

Associated Acts[edit]

Besides their vivid music career – band members also have participated in several projects.

Guitarist Ranjan is a lyricist for quite a long time, long before he formed the band. He has contributed lyrics to many prominent musicians including Miles, Artcell, and Aurthohin. Besides – he has an experimental project named Purple Haze.

Sufi has contributed two tracks on Sisimpur, the Bangladeshi version of the children's television series "Sesame Street". In 2010 – under the pseudo name PHI – two of his first ever solo tracks have been released in the mixed album "Shomoy" under the banner of Gangchil.

Recently Arbovirus has performed in a charity concert arranged by Bangladesh International Recovery Developments(BIRD) for street children.Half of the money was donated to Savar victims too.[1]


Studio albums[edit]

  • 64m 53s (2006)
  • Montobbo Nishproyojon(2013)

Singles (in various mixed albums)[edit]

  • Aartonad in Agantuk 2 (2003)
  • Obhishap in Din Bodol (2004)
  • Shopnadishto in Lokayoto (2004)
  • Shohor in Boka Manushta (ft. Sumon 'BassBaba')of Aurthohin (2007)
  • Shurjo Shontan in Live Now (2007)
  • Prayoshchitto in Bonno (ft. Fuad Almuqtadir) (2007)
  • Addhek Kotha in Rock 101 (2008)
  • Keu Karo Noy in Rock 202 (2009)
  • Prarthona in Rock 505 (2010)
  • Bangladesh Gori in Gorje Uttho Bangladesh (2011)
  • Agontuk in Rock 606 (2011)

Band members[edit]


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