Arbuthnot Road

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Arbuthnot Road
Traditional Chinese 亞畢諾道
Simplified Chinese 亚毕诺道
Chancery Lane, looking toward Arbuthnot Road. The building on the left is part of the former Victoria Prison.
A bus in front of the Arbuthnot Road entrance of The Centrium.

Arbuthnot Road is a thoroughfare in Hong Kong's Central District. The road begins at the site of the former colony's first official home of the British justice, the Central Magistracy. The Central Magistracy, located at No. 1 Arbuthnot Road, is a declared monument of Hong Kong.[1] The road ends at the Botanical Gardens of Hong Kong.


Most of the roads built and declared at the outset in Colonial Hong Kong in 1841 were quite close to the waterline. The Magistracy was not establlished until 1847 and the land on which it was built was more or less unoccupied. Arbuthnot Road is rather steep and inclined, and runs between Hollywood Road and Caine Road, which was not named until 1859. It is likely that it was not named or created until the 1850s or later; it was named after George Arbuthnot.[2]

Tourist attraction[edit]

Arbuthnot Road is a tourist destination for housing one of Hong Kong's declared heritage landmarks, the Former Central Magistracy and also has a number of restaurants. It is a short distance from other tourist attractions, including:

Notable buildings[edit]

  • No. 1: Hong Kong Police Club, former Central Magistracy
  • No. 2: Cafe O, Ovolo Hotel[3]
  • No.s 3-5a: Universal Trade Centre including the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South-East Asia[4] and the St Luke Cathedral of Hong Kong
  • No.s 4-8: Philia Lounge
  • No.s 4-8: G/F La Kasbah (North African Food), 1/F Wild Grass (Western Restaurant)
  • No.s 4-8: SK serviced apartments
  • No. 10: Chez Moi (French restaurant)


There are several ways to access Arbuthnot Road other than taxi, including:

Public transport

Car park, 2 car parks located at Arbuthnot Road include:

  • The Centrium, 10-12 Arbuthnot Road
  • Universal Trade Centre, 3 Arbuthnot Road

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