Arcadia Machine & Tool

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Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT)
Industry firearms
Fate Bankruptcy
Successors Irwindale Arms Incorporated
Founded 1977
Headquarters Irwindale, California, U.S.
Area served U.S.
Products weapons

Arcadia Machine & Tool, commonly abbreviated to AMT, was a firearms manufacturer from Irwindale, California. The company produced several weapons, often clones of existing firearms made in stainless steel.[1] Plagued by quality and reliability problems, the company went bankrupt and the assets and trademark were acquired by IAI (Irwindale Arms Incorporated). The company was named as a defendant in the lawsuits brought against various gun manufacturers.[2] In 1998 Galena Industries of Sturgis, South Dakota purchased the company and produced firearms in the style of AMT's until 2001 when Crusader Gun Co. of Houston, Texas bought the company.[3]

Some of the company's products are now sold by High Standard Manufacturing Company.[4]



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