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Arcadia Systems was a subsidiary of Mastertronic which developed arcade games during the mid-late 1980s. The systems were based on Commodore Amiga technology. The venture was not successful; according to former Mastertronic employee Anthony Guter the project was developed slowly, and the games were of poor quality and not really suited to arcade play.

One notable game Arcadia produced was Rockford, an arcade version of the home-computer classic, Boulder Dash. Arcadia's "Rockford" was, ironically, the basis of a clean room implementation of "Rockford" for the Amiga 500 (published by Melbourne House, developed by Laurence Vanhelsuwe for Icon Design). Only the graphics were recovered from the arcade ROMs, but the program was rewritten from scratch.

The Arcadia name was also used for marketing some Mastertronic software on the US market.

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