Arcady Aris

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Arcady Aris
Born Zolotov Arcady Ivanovič
(1901-05-01)May 1, 1901
Siner village, Russia
Died February 11, 1941(1941-02-11) (aged 39)
Gulag, Siberia, USSR
Pen name Arcady Aris
Occupation writer, and literary critic
Language Chuvash, Russian
Nationality Chuvash

Arcady Aris (Chuvash: Аркадий Арис and Russian: Арис Аркадий Иванович) (Siner village (now in Alikovsky District, Chuvash Republic, Russia), January 29, 1901 – Gulag, Siberia, November 14, 1941) was a Chuvash writer and literature critic. He became a member of the USSR Union of Writers in 1934.

A cousin of the Chuvash folklorist Nikolai Yut.


Arcady Aris born in the village Siner village, Russia on January 29, 1901.

From the first days of the Soviet power Arcady Zolotov takes active part in public life. In April 1919 together with brothers, Arseny and Nikolay, has entered the volunteer 7th Simbirsk shooting regiment and as a part of this regiment in 1919–20 under legendary N.S.Kosmovsky's command participated in difficult fights near Orenburg, Iletsky and Uralsk. At the front it has entered Bolshevik party.

Having come back from front Arcady Ivanovich 1922 has successfully graduated from the institute on preparation of teachers.

In 1922 Arcady has moved to Cheboksary. 1928–1931 Aris Arcady – the editor of the newspaper "Kanash" and magazine "Сунтал", during the same time he headed daily affairs in magazine "Trap" and takes active part in creation and expansion of a network of broadcasting in Chuvashiya. Participates in the edition of the almanac "Tractor" (in the future magazine "Tavan Atal").

In 1934 the Chuvash writers and journalists delegate it on the First All-Union congress of writers where it acts with article about development of the Chuvash literature.

After N.Ja.Zolotov's departure to Leningrad in Academy of Sciences, Arcady Ivanovich at one time heads board of the Union of writers of Chuvashiya. In 1934 it accept in the joint venture of the USSR.

After leaving NY Zolotov in Leningrad Academy of Sciences, Arkady Ivanovich one time head of the board of the Union of Writers of Chuvashia. In 1934, it is taken in the joint venture of the USSR.

Arrested on October 23, 1937 detention in prison of the NKVD CHASSR [1].

November 14, 1942 Arcady's life was tragically cut short in the Stalin-Beria camp in Siberia at the age of 41 years.

Literary activity[edit]

Arcady Ivanovich is known first of all as the author of articles on theoretical questions of the Chuvash Soviet literature. The great interest is represented by its articles: 1926 — «Where we go?» («Ăçталла каятпăр?»), 1929 — «On a way of check of forces of the Chuvash literature» («Чăваш литературин пултарăзне тĕрĕслев çул ĕ çинче»), 1933 — «the fiction Vital issues» («Илемлĕ литературăн паянхи ыйтăвĕсем»), 1935 — «For a sharpness and culture of language» («Чĕлхе çивĕчлĕхĕшĕн, чĕлхе культуришен»), etc.

It by right is considered one of founders of the Chuvash literary criticism.

Has translated on Chuvash «My universities" (M.Gorky) and "Chapaev» (D.Furmanov).


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