Arcata Community Recycling Center

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Arcata Community Recycling Center
Founded April 21st, 1970
Area served northern Humboldt County, CA
Focus(es) Resource conservation through waste reduction
Revenue non-profit
Employees 45 employees
Motto "Making recycling a part of your day since 1971"

The Arcata Community Recycling Center (ACRC), founded after Earth Day 1970, is one of America's oldest non-profit recycling centers.[citation needed] The center promotes eco-conscience in the North Coast and facilitates diversion of materials from landfills in Arcata and Eureka, California.

The mission of ACRC is to promote and demonstrate innovative waste reduction, reuse and recycling strategies as socially and economically beneficial methods to conserve the Earth’s finite resources. ACRC runs several facilities and programs to fulfill the mission statement. The operation of recycling drop-off sites in Arcata and Eureka provides a location for community members to recycle a wide variety of materials. The Arcata drop-off (and ACRC's original headquarters) was initially located at 10th and F St. Operations moved to the current location at 9th & N St. in the early 1980s. In 2002, ACRC began operation of the Eureka Community Recycling Center adjacent to the Humboldt Waste Management Authority's Transfer Station located in Eureka.

The Reusables Depot Thrift Store, also at the 9th & N St. location, serves as a reuse center for unwanted household and sporting goods, building materials, and garden supplies.

In 2007 ACRC opened the 35,800 sq. ft. Samoa Processing Facility which houses a dual stream sorting line. This facility is a green building and is slated for LEED certification.[1] Recyclables enter the facility in two streams, mixed papers and containers, from curbside collection and drop off sites and are sorted by material type using a combination of machine and people power. This facility diverts over 11,000 tons of materials from the landfill annually.

The Samoa site is also home to the Bette Dobkin Education Center where students of all ages learn about resource conservation.

Wes Chesbro led the center during its infancy.[2]

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