Archaeological Museum of Asturias

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Museo Arqueológico de Asturias. Oviedo.jpg

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias (Spanish: Museo Arqueológico de Asturias; Asturian: Muséu Arqueolóxicu d'Asturies) is housed in the 16th century Benedictine monastery of Saint Vicente in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. Its findings include collections of the Asturian Neolithic, Megalithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Astur hill fort culture, Roman period, and of the Gothic, Pre-Romanesque and Romanesque periods of the Kingdom of Asturias. The museum also includes sections of Asturian Ethnography, Heraldry, Medieval and Modern Epigraphy, Spanish Numismatics, a European Medal Section, and Armor.

The facilities are slated to be enlarged soon by the construction of an annex.

The museum falls under the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture but is managed by the Council of Culture of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

Notable pieces[edit]

  • Vega del Cielo mosaic
  • San Miguel de Lillo altar stone
  • Santa María del Naranco altar stone
  • Doña Gontrodo Petri sarcophagus (12th century)

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