Archaeological Museum of Thera

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Coordinates: 36°25′04″N 25°25′54″E / 36.4178°N 25.4317°E / 36.4178; 25.4317

Not to be confused with the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, also in Fira.
Amphora from Thera, ca 700 BC. Archaeological Museum of Thera

The Archaeological Museum of Thera is a museum in Fira, Santorini, Greece. It was built in 1960 to replace an older one which had collapsed by an earthquake in 1956.

Its collection houses artifacts that begin from Proto-Cycladic marble figurines of the 3rd millennium BC, and continue on to the Classical period.

There are prehistoric vases from Akrotiri dated to the 20th-17th centuries BC. Later artifacts include pottery and amphorae of Geometric and Archaic periods. Many of these objects come from the ancient cemetery of Thera.

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