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Studio album by Two Steps From Hell
Released September 2011
Recorded 2006 - late 2010
Producer Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix
Two Steps From Hell chronology

Archangel is the second public album by the group Two Steps From Hell, released in September 2011. It consists of 26 tracks written by composers Thomas J. Bergersen and Nick Phoenix.[1] The album contains 14 tracks from the album Nero.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Mercy in Darkness" (from Dreams & Imaginations) Nick Phoenix 1:11
2. "Archangel" (from Nero) Thomas J. Bergersen 2:35
3. "Everlasting" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 2:49
4. "United We Stand – Divided We Fall" (from Nero) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:58
5. "Love & Loss" (from Dynasty) Thomas J. Bergersen 1:49
6. "The Last Stand" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 2:50
7. "Nero" (from Nero) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:27
8. "Destructo" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 2:32
9. "Atlantis" (from Nemesis) Thomas J. Bergersen 1:57
10. "Strength of a Thousand Men" (from Nero) Thomas J. Bergersen 2:17
11. "Unexplained Forces" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 3:11
12. "Magic of Love" (from Nero) Thomas J. Bergersen 2:20
13. "Norwegian Pirate" (from Power of Darkness) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:03
14. "Dark Harbor" (from Power of Darkness) Nick Phoenix 3:15
15. "Dragon Rider" (from Dynasty) Thomas J. Bergersen 1:54
16. "Mountains From Water" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 2:14
17. "Titan Dune" (from Power of Darkness) Thomas J. Bergersen 2:11
18. "Ironwing" (from Power of Darkness) Nick Phoenix 2:38
19. "Army of Justice" (from Nemesis) Thomas J. Bergersen 2:04
20. "Immortal Avenger" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 3:44
21. "He Who Brings The Night" (from Power of Darkness) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:07
22. "Caradhras" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 4:13
23. "Sanctuary is Lost" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 2:05
24. "What's Happening to Me" (from Power of Darkness) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:10
25. "Aesir" (from Nero) Nick Phoenix 4:50
26. "Friendship to Last" (from Nemesis) Thomas J. Bergersen 3:13

Use in media[edit]

Two Steps From Hell's music has been used frequently in movie trailers.


Chart (2011) Peak
US Billboard Top Heatseekers[16] 28
US Billboard Classical Albums[16] 36


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