Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Poznań

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Archdiocese of Poznań
Archidioecesis Posnaniensis
Archidiecezja Poznańska
Katedra Poznan front.jpg
Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul in Poznań
Country Poland
Area 9,700 km2 (3,700 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
1,537,630 (96.2%)
Rite Latin Rite
Cathedral Bazylika Katedralna pw. św. Piotra i Pawła
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Metropolitan Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki
Auxiliary Bishops Grzegorz Balcerek
Damian Bryl
Emeritus Bishops Juliusz Paetz
Zdzisław Fortuniak[1]
Website of the Archdiocese

The Archdiocese of Poznań (Latin: Posnanien(sis)) is one of 14 archdioceses located in Poland, with the seat located in Poznań.


  • 968: Established as Missionary Diocese of Poland with seat in Poznań subordinated directly to the Holy See
  • 1000: Transformed to Diocese of Poznań subordinated directly to the Holy See
  • 11th-12th century: Subordination of Diocese of Poznań to Metropolitan Archdioecese of Gniezno as suffragan diocese
  • 16 July 1821: Raised to status of Metropolitan Archdiocese and joined with Archdiocese of Gniezno in personal union in aeque principaliter.
  • 12 November 1948: dissolution of union between Archdioceses of Poznań and Gniezno

Special churches[edit]

  • Minor Basilicas:
    • Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, Poznań
    • Bazylika Niepokalanego Poczęcia NMP kk. Filipinów, Gostyń (Święta Góra)

Suffragan dioceses[edit]

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki

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Coordinates: 52°24′40″N 16°56′54″E / 52.41111°N 16.94833°E / 52.41111; 16.94833