Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria

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Archduke Karl Ludwig
Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria.JPG
Spouse Princess Margaretha of Saxony
Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal
Issue Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Otto Franz
Archduke Ferdinand Karl
Archduchess Margarete Sophie
Archduchess Maria Annunziata
Archduchess Elisabeth Amalie
Father Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Mother Sophie, Princess of Bavaria
Born (1833-07-30)30 July 1833
Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
Died 19 May 1896(1896-05-19) (aged 62)
Burial Imperial Crypt
Monarchical styles of
Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
Wappen Kaisertum Österreich 1815 (Klein).png
Reference style His Imperial and Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Highness
Alternative style Sir

Archduke Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria (30 July 1833 – 19 May 1896) was the younger brother of Franz Joseph I of Austria (1830–1916) and the father of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (1863–1914), whose assassination ignited the start of World War I,[1] and grandfather of the last emperor Charles I.


He was born at Schönbrunn in Vienna, the son of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria (1802–1878) and his wife Sophie of Bavaria (1805–1872).[better source needed] His siblings included Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and Maximilian (1832–1867), the executed Emperor of Mexico.

After the death of his nephew Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria (1858–1889), he became heir presumptive to Austro-Hungarian Empire. A newspaper article appeared shortly after the death of his nephew claiming that the Archduke had renounced his succession rights in favor of his eldest son Franz Ferdinand.[2] This rumor proved to be false.[3]

He married three times.

His first wife, whom he married on 4 November 1856 at Dresden, was his first cousin Margaretha of Saxony (1840–1858), the daughter of Johann of Saxony (1801–1873) and Amalie Auguste of Bavaria (1801–1877). She died on 15 September 1858 and they had no children.[better source needed]

His second wife, whom he married by proxy on 16 October 1862 at Rome, and in person on 21 October 1862 at Venice, was Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1843–1871), daughter of Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies (1810–1859) and Maria Theresa of Austria (1816–1867).[better source needed]

They had four children:

Maria Annunciata died on 4 May 1871.[better source needed]

His third wife, whom he married on 23 July 1873 at Kleinheubach, was Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal (1855–1944), daughter of Miguel I of Portugal (1802–1866) and Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (1831–1909).[better source needed]

They had two daughters:

Karl Ludwig died of typhoid at Schönbrunn in Vienna. His widow, Maria Teresa died 12 February 1944.[better source needed]

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