Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg

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Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg
Imperial Prince and Archduke of Austria
Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia
Full name
Ferdinand Zvonimir Maria Balthus Keith Michael Otto Antal Bahnam Leonhard
House House of Habsburg-Lothringen
Father Karl von Habsburg
Mother Baroness Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza
Born (1997-06-21) 21 June 1997 (age 17)
Salzburg, Austria
Religion Roman Catholicism
Austrian Imperial Family
Imperial Coat of Arms of the Empire of Austria (1815).svg

HI&RH Archduke Karl
HI&RH Archduchess Francesca

  • HI&RH Archduchess Eleonore
  • HI&RH Archduke Ferdinand
  • HI&RH Archduchess Gloria

Ferdinand Zvonimir Maria Balthus Keith Michael Otto Antal Bahnam Leonhard Habsburg-Lothringen[1] (born 21 June 1997 in Salzburg),[2] referred to in Austria as Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen,[1] in Hungary as Habsburg Ferdinánd Zvonimir, and by his royal name as Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir of Austria, is the eldest son of Karl von Habsburg, now head of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. He thus is heir apparent to the headship of the House of Habsburg and the Sovereignty of the Order of the Golden Fleece. He is the great-grandson of Emperor Charles I of Austria through his grandfather Otto von Habsburg.

Ferdinand was baptised on 6 September 1998 in Zagreb by Cardinal Franjo Kuharić, and was also given the traditional Croatian name Zvonimir (after King Zvonimir of Croatia from 11th Century). His godparents were his uncle Georg von Habsburg, Alois-Konstantin of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, Margarita Gómez-Acebo y Cejuela, and Agnes Husslein (born Countess of Arco).[3]

Ferdinand is an Austrian citizen. While his traditional titles (Imperial Prince and Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia) are used abroad and by genealogical literature, they are not recognized by the Austrian government.[4] His grandfather Otto von Habsburg renounced all claims to the Austrian throne, as a necessary condition to return to Austria.

Ferdinand is a kart racing enthusiast. He was one of the Austrian contenders on the 2012 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals at the Portimão Karting Circuit.[5] In 2013 he is racing in the Hungarian Gokart Championship and won the Rotax MAX Junior Championship title.[6] In the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2013 at New Orleans finished 10th place.[7]


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Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg
Cadet branch of the House of Lorraine
Born: 21 June 1997
Line of succession to the Austro-Hungarian throne
1st position
Succeeded by
Georg von Habsburg