Archery at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's individual

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Men's individual archery
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Gold medal    Italy
Silver medal    Japan
Bronze medal    Australia
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Archery at the
2004 Summer Olympics
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The men's individual archery event at the 2004 Summer Olympics was part of the archery programme. Its final was held on August 19 at the Panathinaiko Stadium.

Ranking round[edit]

The Korean archers, medal favorites in both men's and women's competition, ranked 1st (Im Dong-hyun), 4th (Park Kyung-mo), and 5th (Jang Yong-ho) in the men's individual ranking round. Im's score of 687 set a new world record for 72 arrows, breaking the previous one set in 1995 by fellow Korean Shim Young-sung. It is not recognized by the International Olympic Committee as an Olympic record, however, as the ranking round took place on 12 August, before the 2004 opening ceremony. The round was held at Dekelia Air Force Base.

The bracket setup (with 4th- and 5th-ranked archers facing off in the quarterfinals if undefeated and the winner of that match facing the 1st-ranked archer in the semifinals) meant that the Korean men could do no better than gold and bronze. Marco Galiazzo of Italy in 2nd and Magnus Petersson of Sweden in 3rd rounded out the top five, with Dmytro Hrachov in 6th with the same score as 5th-ranked Jang of Korea.

The three medalists of the 2000 Summer Olympics, Simon Fairweather, Vic Wunderle, and Wietse van Alten, all competed in 2004. None placed higher than 14th in the ranking round (van Alten) and only Wunderle made it to the quarterfinals.

Seed Archer Score Seed Archer Score Seed Archer Score
1  Im Dong-hyun (KOR) 687 23  Jacek Proć (POL) 657 44  Dmitry Nevmerzhitskiy (RUS) 639
2  Magnus Petersson (SWE) 673 24  Michele Frangilli (ITA) 654 45  Anton Prylepau (BLR) 638
3  Marco Galiazzo (ITA) 672 25  Oleksandr Serdyuk (UKR) 654 46  Mattias Eriksson (SWE) 637
4  Park Kyung-mo (KOR) 672 26  Jonas Andersson (SWE) 653 47  John Magera (USA) 637
5  Jang Yong-ho (KOR) 671 27  Xue Haifeng (CHN) 653 48  Satyadev Prasad (IND) 634
6  Dmytro Hrachov (UKR) 671 28  Yong Fujun (CHN) 652 49  Ron van der Hoff (NED) 633
7  Balzhinima Tsyrempilov (RUS) 668 29  Stanislav Zabrodskiy (KAZ) 651 50  Jonathan Ohayon (CAN) 632
8  Hasse Pavia Lind (DEN) 666 30  Juan Rene Serrano (MEX) 651 51  Ricardo Merlos (ESA) 630
9  Hiroshi Yamamoto (JPN) 664 31  Laurence Godfrey (GBR) 650 52  Tashi Peljor (BHU) 627
10  Chen Szu Yuan (TPE) 663 32  Tarundeep Rai (IND) 647 53  Thomas Naglieri (FRA) 626
11  Liu Ming-huang (TPE) 663 33  Alexandros Karageorgiou (GRE) 647 54  Ken Uprichard (NZL) 623
12  Tim Cuddihy (AUS) 663 34  Hasan Orbay (TUR) 647 55  Jeff Henckels (LUX) 623
13  Jocelyn de Grandis (FRA) 663 35  Eduardo Avelino Magana (MEX) 646 56  Franck Fisseux (FRA) 622
14  Wietse van Alten (NED) 661 36  Pieter Custers (NED) 646 57  Ismail Essam (EGY) 602
15  Viktor Ruban (UKR) 660 37  Takaharu Furukawa (JPN) 646 58  Georgios Kalogiannidis (GRE) 601
16  Butch Johnson (USA) 660 38  Jorge Pablo Chapoy (MEX) 645 59  Maged Youssef (EGY) 599
17  Yuji Hamano (JPN) 660 39  David Barnes (AUS) 641 60  Apostolos Nanos (GRE) 585
18  Wang Cheng-pang (TPE) 659 40  Felipe López (ESP) 641 61  Rob Elder (FIJ) 583
19  Ilario Di Buò (ITA) 659 41  Lockoneco Lockoneco (INA) 641 62  Sifa Taumoepeau (TGA) 563
20  Simon Fairweather (AUS) 658 42  Yavor Hristov (BUL) 641 63  Phoutlamphay Thiamphasone (LAO) 557
21  Michael Frankenberg (GER) 657 43  Vic Wunderle (USA) 639 64  Yehya Bundhun (MRI) 494
22  Majhi Sawaiyan (IND) 657

Competition bracket[edit]

Section 1[edit]

Round of 64   Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals
  Im Dong-hyun (KOR) 152  
  Yehya Bundhun (MRI) 109       Im (KOR) 171  
  A. Karageorgiou (GRE) 147     Karageorgiou (GRE) 159  
  Tarundeep Rai (IND) 143         Im (KOR) 167  
  Satyadev Prasad (IND) 155         Prasad (IND) 165  
  Yuji Hamano (JPN) 150       Prasad (IND) 158
  Ron van der Hoff (NED) 145     van der Hoff (NED) 155  
  Butch Johnson (USA) 135         Yamamoto (JPN) 111
  Hiroshi Yamamoto (JPN) 155         Im (KOR) 110
  Franck Fisseux (FRA) 147       Yamamoto (JPN) 162  
  Michele Frangilli (ITA) 153     Frangilli (ITA) 154  
  Lockoneco Lockoneco (INA) 141         Yamamoto (JPN) 168
  Oleksandr Serdyuk (UKR) 164         Serdyuk (UKR) 160  
  Felipe López (ESP) 141       Serdyuk (UKR) 165
  Hasse Pavia Lind (DEN) 158     Lind (DEN) 164  
  Ismail Essam (EGY) 110  

Section 2[edit]

Round of 64   Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals
  Jang Yong-ho (KOR) 162  
  Apostolos Nanos (GRE) 131       Jang (KOR) 166  
  Takaharu Furukawa (JPN) 146     Furukawa (JPN) 163  
  Yong Fujun (CHN) 143         Cuddihy (AUS) 166  
  Michael Frankenberg (GER) 140         Jang (KOR) 165  
  Dmitry Nevmerzhitskiy (RUS) 135       Cuddihy (AUS) 164
  Tim Cuddihy (AUS) 148     Frankenberg (GER) 163  
  Thomas Naglieri (FRA) 127         Cuddihy (AUS) 112
  Tashi Peljor (BHU) 161         Park (KOR) 111
  Jocelyn de Grandis (FRA) 136       Prylepau (BLR) 155  
  Anton Prylepau (BLR) 141     Peljor (BHU) 152  
  Simon Fairweather (AUS) 137         Park (KOR) 173
  Stanislav Zabrodskiy (KAZ) 145         Prylepau (BLR) 166  
  Pieter Custers (NED) 141       Park (KOR) 16410,10
  Park Kyung-mo (KOR) 154     Zabrodskiy (KAZ) 16410, 9  
  Rob Elder (FIJ) 138  

Section 3[edit]

Round of 64   Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals
  Marco Galiazzo (ITA) 156  
  Sifa Taumoepeau (TGA) 122       Galiazzo (ITA) 164  
  Juan Rene Serrano (MEX) 148     Serrano (MEX) 163  
  Eduardo A. Magana (MEX) 138         Galiazzo (ITA) 162  
  Ilario Di Buò (ITA) 151         di Buo (ITA) 155  
  Mattias Eriksson (SWE) 146       di Buo (ITA) 164
  Wietse van Alten (NED) 152     van Alten (NED) 160  
  Ricardo Merlos (ESA) 151         Galiazzo (ITA) 109
  Liu Ming-huang (TPE) 148         Wunderle (USA) 108
  Ken Uprichard (NZL) 145       Wunderle (USA) 164  
  Vic Wunderle (USA) 145     Liu (TPE) 160  
  Majhi Sawaiyan (IND) 128         Wunderle (USA) 165
  Xue Haifeng (CHN) 162         Xue (CHN) 164  
  Jorge Pablo Chapoy (MEX) 153       Xue (CHN) 162
  Dmytro Hrachov (UKR) 154     Hrachov (UKR) 161  
  Maged Youssef (EGY) 128  

Section 4[edit]

Round of 64   Round of 32   Round of 16   Quarterfinals
  B. Tsyrempilov (RUS) 148  
  G. Kalogiannidis (GRE) 133       Tsyrempilov (RUS) 162  
  Jonas Andersson (SWE) 160     Andersson (SWE) 160  
  David Barnes (AUS) 151         Chen (TPE) 169  
  Yavor Hristov (BUL) 133         Tsyrempilov (RUS) 161  
  Jacek Proć (POL) 132       Chen (TPE) 170
  Chen Szu Yuan (TPE) 136     Hristov (BUL) 159  
  Jeff Henckels (LUX) 132         Godfrey (GBR) 110
  Viktor Ruban (UKR) 157         Chen (TPE) 108
  Jonathan Ohayon (CAN) 140       Ruban (UKR) 1679  
  Wang Cheng-pang (TPE) 159     Wang (TPE) 1678  
  John Magera (USA) 144         Godfrey (GBR) 167
  Laurence Godfrey (GBR) 157         Ruban (UKR) 162  
  Hasan Orbay (TUR) 155       Godfrey (GBR) 163
  Magnus Petersson (SWE) 158     Petersson (SWE) 162  
  P. Thiamphasone (LAO) 95  

Medal matches[edit]

Semifinals Finals
1  Hiroshi Yamamoto (JPN) 11510
4  Tim Cuddihy (AUS) 1159
 Marco Galiazzo (ITA) 111
 Hiroshi Yamamoto (JPN) 109
3  Marco Galiazzo (ITA) 110
2  Laurence Godfrey (GBR) 108
Bronze medal match
 Tim Cuddihy (AUS)  113
 Laurence Godfrey (GBR) 112

Event summary[edit]

Round of 64

The first round of elimination, held on 16 August, narrowed the field from 64 archers to 32 in a standard single-elimination bracket. The loser of each match received a final rank between 33 and 64, depending on his score in the round. Each archer fired six ends of three arrows, for a total possible score of 180. Oleksandr Serdyuk of Ukraine had the highest score in the round, with 164.

The first upset of the day belonged to 43rd-ranked Vic Wunderle of the United States, who defeated 22nd-ranked Majhi Sawaiyan of India. The United States were on the losing end of an even larger upset, though, when Butch Johnson lost to Ron van der Hoff of the Netherlands. The biggest upset occurred when 52nd-ranked Tashi Peljor of Bhutan defeated 13th-ranked Jocelyn de Grandis of France to become the lowest ranked archer to advance.

Round of 32

As in the round of 64, archers who advanced to the round of 32 fired six ends of three arrows in the second round of elimination. This round, on 18 August, narrowed the field from 32 to 16 archers, with winners advancing and losers receiving a final rank between 17 and 32 depending on their score in the round. Im Dong-hyun of Korea scored the highest in the round, missing the Olympic record by 1 point with a score of 171. 48th-ranked Satyadev Prasad of India was the lowest ranked archer to advance.

Vic Wunderle of the United States continued to have success in head-to-head competition, eliminating 11th-ranked Wang Cheng-pang of Chinese Taipei. In an astonishing match, 31st-ranked Laurence Godfrey, Great Britain eked out a victory over 2nd-ranked Magnus Petersson of Sweden. Two other top-ten-ranked archers fell when 27th-ranked Xue Haifeng of China defeated 6th-ranked Dmytro Hrachov of Ukraine and 25th-ranked Hasse Pavia Lind lost to Oleksandr Serdyuk. One of the Korean archers, Park Kyung-mo, nearly fell to Kazakhstani Stanislav Zabrodskiy when Zabrodskiy tied Park through the first 18 arrows and scored a 10 on the first tie-break. Park also scored a 10, and followed it up with a second 10 which Zabrodskiy could not match. A tie-break was also needed in the match between Viktor Ruban of Ukraine and Wang Cheng-pang of Chinese Taipei, which Ruban won 9-8.

Round of 16

The round of 16 was held on 19 August and followed the same 18-arrow format as the previous two rounds as it narrowed the field to eight quarterfinalists.


The first round of 12-arrow matches was the quarterfinals on 19 August. Winners advanced to the semifinals while losers received a final rank between 5 and 8 depending on score in the quarterfinals. The high score of the round was notched by Tim Cuddihy, with 112. In a see-saw battle, Marco Galiazzo took a lead over Vic Wunderle in the third end. In a tense final end, Wunderle closed the gap. Galiazzo, needing an 8 to tie on the last arrow, shot a 9 to advance and end Wunderle's run. In a surprise, both of the remaining Korean archers fell to Hiroshi Yamamoto and Tim Cuddihy in 1-point matches eliminating them from medal contention. Laurence Godfrey had the most decisive victory of the round, a still-close 2-point victory of Chen Szu Yuan.


Yamamoto and Cuddihy both tied the Olympic record for a 12-arrow match (set by Oh Kyo-moon in 1996) by tying their semifinal match at 115 on 19 August. In the tie-breaker, Yamamoto shot first and hit a 10. Cuddihy was unable to match this, shooting a 9 to drop out of gold medal contention.

Bronze medal match

The bronze medal match was held on 19 August as well. The winner received the bronze medal while the loser took fourth place. Cuddihy defeated Godfrey in a close match.

 Tim Cuddihy (AUS) 113
 Laurence Godfrey (GBR) 112

The gold medal match on 19 August pitted a first-time-Olympian Italian against a veteran Japanese archer, with the favored Koreans being conspicuously absent. The match consisted of 12 arrows, with the winner taking gold and the loser receiving a silver medal.

With a pair of 10s in the first end, Hiroshi Yamamoto took a quick lead of 1 point over Marco Galiazzo. In the second end, Galiazzo missed perfection by only 1 point, scoring 29 to Yamamoto's 27 to reverse the lead. He hit another pair of 10s in the third end, increasing his lead to 2 points going into the final end. Galiazzo maintained the lead through the final three arrows, winning Italy's first Olympic gold medal in archery. Yamamoto's silver was his second Olympic medal, joining the bronze medal that he won in 1984.

 Marco Galiazzo (ITA) 111
 Hiroshi Yamamoto (JPN) 109