Archi District

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The Archi District is situated in the northeastern part of Kunduz Province in Afghanistan. It borders with Khan Abad and Kunduz districts to the South-West, Imam Sahib District to the North-West, Tajikistan to the Nort and Takhar Province to the East. The population is 74,900 (2006) - 40% Pashtun, 15% Tajik, 35% Uzbek, 10% Turkmen. The district center is the town of Archi, located in the northern part of the district. The district is generally poor and seriously affected during the wars. Nazik Mir Sarfraz was one of the well known figure in Archi his family was all behind improvement of Archi and he was the first person from Archi who was selected as a Parliament member and he was killed in a suicide bomb attack in Baghlan province and his family is living in Kunduz . among his sons two of them are well known in Archi District and Kunduz city are Khalid Sarfraz the CEO of Firuz Kunduz Construction company and Omid Sarfraz who is studying abroad .