A. Loudon Snowden

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A. Loudon Snowden

Archibald Loudon Snowden (1835–1912) was an American politician and diplomat during the late 19th century.

He was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. After graduating at Jefferson College in 1856, he was made register of the United States Mint 7 May 1857. During the American Civil War, Snowden was commissioned lieutenant colonel of Pennsylvania volunteers in 1861, and was subsequently elected captain of the 1st City Troop of Philadelphia.[1]

He became chief coiner at the Philadelphia Mint on 1 October 1866, and from 1877 to 1879 was postmaster of Philadelphia.[1] Snowden served as the superintendent of the Philadelphia Mint from 1879[2] to 1885,[3] as United States minister to Greece, Romania, and Serbia from 1889 to 1892,[4] and as United States minister to Spain from 1892 to 1893.[4] Snowden also served as the Marshal of the Centennial celebration of the United States Constitution, which was held in Philadelphia in 1887.[5]

He made improvements and inventions relating to coining machinery, and wrote articles on subjects relating to coinage, the great seal of the United States, and other subjects. He was identified with railroads, insurance companies, and other business interests.[1]


Snowden was the great-grandfather of Loudon Wainwright, Jr.[6] His uncle James Ross Snowden was a director of the United States Mint.


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