Archibald the Koala

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Archibald the Koala
Format Children's television series
Created by Paul Cox[1]
Directed by Claude Allix[2]
Starring Richard Griffiths as Archibald
Adrienne Posta
Dan Russell
Kate Robbins
Bob Saker
Keith Wickham (English version)[1]
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 52[2]
Producer(s) Milliages, Hit Entertainment, Canal J[2]
Running time 13 minutes
Original channel

ITV, CITV, Tiny Pop and BBC (UK)
Cartoon Network (USA)
ABC (Australia)
Tokyo MX (Japan)
Rede Manchete (Brazil)
TVO, BBC Kids, Treehouse TV, X-TV, YTV
Teletoon (Canada)
RTL, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises (Germany)
France 3
Arutz HaYeladim (Israel)
Rai Due, Kids Central (Singapore), Rai Tre (Italy)
RTM2, Astro Ceria (Malaysia)
Azteca 7, Azteca 13, Proyecto 40 (Mexico)

Yorin (Netherlands)
NRK1 (Norway)
3ABN (Philippines)
TV4 (Poland)
Original run 1998 – 2000

Archibald the Koala is an animatic animated children's television series produced by Millimages in association with HiT Entertainment. The show began in 1998.[2] It was based on the books written by Paul Cox.[1] The show was made in both French and English versions.

In the United States, the show was seen on Cartoon Network's international showcase program aimed at pre-schoolers, Small World.

in Canada, Teletoon will screen Archibald the Koala on TV.


This series is set on a secluded island called Rastepappe that is populated by Koalas and Badgers. Its city Koalaville is filled with various strange characters including a nervous mayor, a hopeless inventor and even a bossy painter. The stress of the mayor's job caused him to have trouble with migraines, or "meeegranes" as he pronounces it.

There are always strange things going on, so Archibald, the trustworthy detective, is put on the job!


There is a population of approximately 500 other civilians on Rastepappe.

List of episodes[edit]

  • The Heatwave
  • Archduke's Anmesia
  • Brass Band
  • The Haunted House
  • The Hazardous Fishing Contest
  • The Meteorite
  • Archduke's Statue
  • The Missing Boat
  • The Rugby Basket Mystery
  • The Dragon
  • Strange Vibrations
  • A Hapless Birthday
  • Read about Tomorrow, Today
  • A Star is Born
  • The New Restaurant
  • The Flower & The Magician
  • The Fire Fighters
  • The Snow Cannon
  • The Invasion
  • The Mystery of the Floating Island
  • The Flower Thief
  • The Very Greedy Sleepwalker
  • Ho Ho Ho Happy Merry Christmas (Christmas television special)
  • Stop that Train!
  • The Messenger
  • The Dynamic Dynamo
  • The Misunderstanding
  • The Big Twister
  • Fake Necklace
  • Pizza Gazette
  • A Detective Goes Camping
  • A Mysterious Rescuer
  • The World of Giants
  • The Lucky Charm
  • Edisons Clock
  • Whale Song
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • Edison's Trophy
  • The Umbrellas of Rastepappe
  • The Sea Monster
  • The Giant Mole
  • The Big Show
  • Ultra-Modern Town Hall
  • Lighthouse of Rastepappe
  • The Machine from the Sky
  • Archduke's Cockatoo
  • The Waxworks of Rastepappe


There is a volume for each season (1-6)


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