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Compilation album by Magnum
Released April 1993
Recorded 1974 — 1982
Genre Rock
Melodic rock
Progressive rock
Length 44:39
Label Jet Records
Producer Tony Clarkin
Magnum chronology
Chapter & Verse - The Very Best of Magnum

Archive is compilation album by the British melodic rock band Magnum. It is a collection of previously unreleased demo and outtake material recorded from 1976 to 1983, and was released in 1993 by Jet Records.

Most of the material released here was used as bonus tracks for Magnum's expanded and remastered series on Sanctuary Records.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Tony Clarkin. 

Original 1993 Release
No. Title Length
1. "Sea Bird" (1974 demo) 3:49
2. "Stormbringer" (1974 demo) 3:31
3. "Slipping Away" (1974 demo) 3:15
4. "Captain America" (1974 demo) 3:43
5. "Master Of Disguise" (Kingdom of Madness session outtake) 2:54
6. "Without Your Love" (Kingdom of Madness session outtake) 3:54
7. "Find The Time" (Kingdom of Madness session outtake) 3:04
8. "Everybody Needs" (Kingdom of Madness session outtake) 3:47
9. "Kingdom Of Madness" (Alternative recording) 3:56
10. "Lights Burned Out" (Original version) 4:06
11. "The Word" (B-side, feat. The London Philharmonic Orchestra) 4:58
12. "True Fine Love" (The Eleventh Hour session outtake) 3:22

Cover sleeve[edit]

The cover art was designed by Rodney Matthews.

"Trojan Sales bought second rights on my illustration "Peace... at Last" for use on the Archive album. Tracks include "Sea Bird", "Stormbringer" and "Captain America".[1]Rodney Matthews

Sleeve notes[edit]

A Message From Magnum

This album differs from all other Magnum reissues and earlier recordings because we decided after many hours of though and discussion amongst ourselves and with the record company to assist in the compilation and supply previously unreleased material, to share with you an intimate part of the band's history. We hope you enjoy it.[2] — The Band

"Sea Bird", "Slipping Away", "Stormbringer" and "Captain America"
These four tracks where the first ever recordings of Magnum and were recorded at one or Birmingham's foremost studios "Nest" in 1974. A time whilst Magnum initially searched for a musical identity.[2] — Tony Clarkin

"Master Of Disguise", "Without Your Love", "Find The Time" and "Everybody Needs"
These four tracks were recorded during the Kingdom Of Madness sessions in 1976 at De Lane Lea Studios but never made the album. A different version of "Everybody Needs" was originally released as the B-Side of the "Changes" single.[2] — Tony Clarkin

"Kingdom Of Madness"
We didn't actually think there could be another version of this track not already released but, here it is. Recorded at Battle Studios, Hastings in 1979.[2] — Tony Clarkin

"Lights Burned Out"
This was recorded at Zella Studios, Birmingham in late 1979 and is the original version before a chorus was written. This was intended for the album Chase The Dragon.[2] — Tony Clarkin

"The Word"
This was recorded in 1982 at Portland Studios, London and we decided to commission Louis Clarke (at great expense) to arrange and conduct The London Philharmonic Orchestra, subsequently recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London.[2] — Tony Clarkin

"True Fine Love"
This was recorded at Portland Studios in early 1982 and was originally intended for The Eleventh Hour but was though to be a bit too rock 'n' roll for that album. We are pleased to see its release now.[2] — Tony Clarkin


  • Tony Clarkin — guitar
  • Bob Catley — vocals
  • Wally Lowe — bass guitar
  • Richard Bailey — keyboards, flute
  • Kex Gorin — drums
  • Dave Morgan — bass guitar, vocals (on tracks 1 — 4)
  • Mark Stanway — keyboards (on tracks 10 — 12)


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