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The Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra (Norwegian: Nordnorsk Opera og Symfoniorkester, NOSO)) is a Norwegian musical organisation which consists of several ensembles that present opera productions and orchestra concerts in Norway. The organisation has offices in Bodø and Tromsø, under the auspices of both the Bodø City Council and the Tromsø City Council. Formally established in June 2009, NOSO includes several ensembles:

  • Bodø Sinfonietta
  • Tromsø Kammerorkester (Tromsø Chamber Orchestra)
  • Nordnorsk Symfoniorkester (Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • Nordnorsk Opera (Arctic Opera)

Concerts and opera performances occur at a number of venues, including the following:

  • Bodø: Bodø Concert Hall, Bodin Church (Bodø Cathedral), Tusenhjemmet
  • Tromsø: Tromsø Concert Hall), Skihytta Tromsø, Tromsø Cathedral, Sjøgata XII

Prior to the formation of NOSO, the Bodø Sinfonietta had originally been established in January 1999, and the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra was formerly known as the Tromsø Symfoniorkester (Tromsø Symphony Orchestra). The Tromsø Symphony Orchestra had earlier hoped to attain a complement of 50 musicians in the ensemble, but by June 2008, the orchestra had 20 vacancies and was unable to secure funding to attain the desired strength of 50.[1] The orchestra then took the name of the Tromsø Kammerorkester, and had been merged into NOSO in June 2009. NOSO also draws upon musicians from the Norwegian Army band in Harstad as well as freelance musicians in northern Norway.

The current artistic leadership of the NOSO groups is as follows:

  • Bodø Sinfonietta: Sveinung Lillebjerka, Kunstnerisk Leder (artistic leader); Geir Johnson, Kunstnerisk Rådgiver (artistic advisor)
  • Tromsø Chamber Orchestra: Kolbjørn Holthe, Kunstnerisk Leder
  • Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra; Christian Lindberg, principal conductor (currently under contract to 2014[2])
  • Arctic Opera: Katharina Jakhelln Semb, director of opera

The current administrative leaders of NOSO are Roger Ingebrigtsen (chairman) and Marit Reutz (vice-chairman).


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