Arctic Thunder

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This article is about the video game. For the air show, see Arctic Thunder Air Show.
Arctic Thunder
Arctic Thunder Coverart.png
Developer(s) Midway Games (Arcade)
Inland Productions (PS2, Xbox)
Publisher(s) Midway Games
Series Thunder Series
Platform(s) Arcade
PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player
Arcade system Quantum3D Graphite

Arctic Thunder is a snowmobile racing game developed by Midway Games released as an arcade game as well as on Sony PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles, being a launch title for the latter. In the arcade version of the game, jets blow cold or hot winds, depending on the setting, in the player's face while he or she plays the game. This is a part of Midway's Thunder series, which also included Hydro Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder, Offroad Thunder, and Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The Xbox version of this game is not currently compatible with the Xbox 360.

Two Arctic Thunder cabinets


Starting riders[edit]

  • Dirty McCurdy: A motorcyclist
  • Mai Zhou Lin: A martial arts master
  • Agent 5: A government agent
  • Willie Quinn: A Jamaican surfer
  • Ponzo: A yeti
  • Candy Ice: A young mechanic

Unlockable riders[edit]

  • Coco Z: A scuba diver
  • Shadow: A ninja
  • Smokey Jones: A highway patrol officer
  • Indigo: A Russian spy
  • Sergeant Thud: A drill instructor
  • Brittney Blaze: A British cheerleader
  • Scotty McDougal: An Irishman
  • Jacque Rocket: A French formula 1 racer
  • Louie Rocco: A New York taxi driver
  • Zach Warhead: A nuclear scientist
  • Randy Rancid: A punk biker
  • Sven Thorson: A Viking
  • Mr. Flakey: A living snowman


Starting sleds[edit]

  • Ice Hog (Dirty McCurdy)
  • Jade Dragon (Mai Zhou Lin)
  • Gadget (Agent 5)
  • Wailer (Willie Quinn)
  • Banana Splitter (Ponzo)
  • Snow Kitten (Candy Ice)

Unlockable sleds[edit]

  • Mischief (Coco Z)
  • Snow Sai (Shadow)
  • Prowler (Smokey Jones)
  • Shadow (Indigo)
  • Full Metal (Sergeant Thud)
  • Old Glory (Brittney Blaze)
  • Bagpiper (Scotty McDougal)
  • Euro Jet (Jacque Rocket)
  • Bessey (Louie Rocco)
  • Reactor (Zach Warhead)
  • Snot Rocket (Randy Rancid)
  • Gallion (Sven Thorson)
  • Snow Truckster (Mr. Flakey)


Starting tracks[edit]

  • Chernobyl Meltdown (Easy)
  • Lost Himalayan City (Easy)
  • Blizzard in D.C. (Normal)
  • Swiss Alps (Normal)
  • Alaskan Pipeline (Hard)
  • Haunted Forest (Hard)

Unlockable tracks[edit]

  • Winter Sports Park (Hard)
  • Logging Run (Hard)
  • UFO Encounter (Hard)
  • Great Wall Of China (Hard)
  • Atlantis (Hard)
  • Thrill Chill Funpark (Hard)

Deathmatch maps[edit]

  • Storm Hazard
  • Pirates Cave
  • Outpost
  • Deep Space
  • Ancient Battle Ground


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