Arcturian Gate

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Arcturian Gate
Founded 1994
Founder Richard Gannaway
Distributor(s) Burnside Distribution-North America
New Leaf Distributing-North America
Silenzio Music-European Union
Genre World, new age, ethnic fusion, worldbeat, rock
Country of origin US
Location Asheville, North Carolina
Official website

Arcturian Gate is an independent record label founded in 1994, based in Asheville, NC.[1] The label also maintains a publishing function in inspirational visual media and literature. Its primary artist is the world music group Aomusic, featuring Miriam Stockley of Karl Jenkins' multi platinum "Adiemus" project.[2][3] The nineties rock group Tiger & the Helix was first to appear on the label's small roster of recording artists.[4][5][6][7]

In 2001 Arcturian Gate's founder Richard Gannaway and his Aomusic co-producer Jay Oliver were invited to Beijing by CRC (the China Record Corporation) and the Beijing Olympic Committee to compose theme music ("On Jai Ya") for the 2008 Summer Olympics.[8] The label also collaborates with Bollywood film score composer and head of Columbia Records, India, Sandeep Chowta in Aomusic song production .[8][9]

Arcturian Gate's Aomusic project has maintained strong international chart position in the genres of world and new age since 2000.[10][11][12][13][14][15]




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