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Ardameri (Greek: Αρδαμέρι) is a village located in the regional unit of Thessaloniki, in Greece, at the foothill of Mount Chortiatis. It belongs to the traditional kind of Greek villages, as its houses are built scatteringly and its mazy pathways often lead to dead end. The village has 900 voters and only 125 permanent inhabitants. It belongs in the municipality of Koroneia, which contains also the villages Agios Vasileios, Gerakarou, Vasiloudi, and Lagkadikia. The village was destroyed by the Turkish 2 times: During the conquest of Thessaloniki in 1430 by the Turkish, and during the Greek revolution of 1821, when there was generated a movement in the area, at head of Emmanouil Pappas. However, this effort ended in a bad end.


Ardameri is located 38 km eastern from Thessaloniki and at the northeastern foothill of mount Hortiatis. Visitors have two choices in order to reach the village:

-Through the old road Thessaloniki-Kavala

-Through Panorama-Hortiatis

Cultural association[edit]

The cultural association of Ardameri was established in 1983. Its purpose is the harmonic development of the spiritual abilities of the inhabitants of the village, and the sustenance and spread of the local tradition through the local customs.

Activities of the cultural association

1. Operation of three dancing sections, which contain a total of 65 people of all ages. They are taught traditional dances and the spread of local customs and tradition.

2. Sustenance of folklore gallery

3. Periodic publication of the newspaper "The news of Ardameri"

4. Performances of the dancing sections in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, even if throughout the whole country.

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Coordinates: 40°35′39″N 23°11′0″E / 40.59417°N 23.18333°E / 40.59417; 23.18333