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Map of area code 313 in Michigan.

Area code 313 is an area code within the North American Numbering Plan in the southeastern Michigan county of Wayne. It serves the city of Detroit, the enclave cities Hamtramck and Highland Park, as well as Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Inkster, Melvindale, the Grosse Pointe communities, Lincoln Park, Redford, and Taylor north of Goddard Road.


The National Plan Area (NPA) 313 was created in 1947 as one of the original 86 codes. Originally, it included the entire southeastern quadrant of Michigan, including Metro Detroit, Flint, and the southern part of Michigan's "Thumb." AT&T assigned Detroit an area code with only seven pulses within the rotary dialing technology in use at the time, the fourth shortest of the major cities after New York (212), Los Angeles (213) and Chicago (312), as the cities with the largest call volume received the shortest codes to minimize exchange resource contention.

Because of the demand for new phone numbers, area code 810 was created for the northern suburbs, Flint, and the southern Thumb on December 1, 1993. On December 13, 1997, the 313 area was further divided, creating the 734 area out of Washtenaw County, Monroe County, and western and Downriver Wayne County.

Area code 679 was assigned to create an overlay to the 313 area for future use.[1][2] Relief planning is in progress[1] and 2014 estimates do not expected 313 to be exhausted until 2019.[3]

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