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Map showing the region covered by area code 413
Map of current Massachusetts area codes

Area code 413 (created in 1947) is the area code for the western third of Massachusetts. It is the largest area code by land area covered in the Commonwealth, an original area code for Massachusetts (with 617), and extends from the New York state line eastward into Worcester County (including the towns of Hardwick and Warren), while excluding the Franklin County towns of Orange, New Salem, Warwick, and Wendell, which use the overlay of area codes 351 and 978. The most-populous city in the 413 area code is Springfield. 413 also includes Chicopee, Northampton, Holyoke, and Amherst (LATA code 126).


Massachusetts was scheduled to receive two area codes under the original North American Numbering Plan proposal - 515 and 516. Area code 413 was intended for use in Pennsylvania [1]. Until 1988, Massachusetts had only two area codes, 617 in the east (including Boston) and central (including Worcester) part of the state, with 413 in the west.

Due to the relatively low population density of western Massachusetts, 413 is one of the few original area codes (not counting those that cover an entire jurisdiction) that have maintained its original boundaries. Despite the proliferation of cell phones and pagers (particularly in and around Springfield), 413 is currently projected to stay that way until at least 2030; it is nowhere near exhaustion.[1] Despite this, 10-digit dialing is mandatory for some local calls within 413.



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