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Area code 614 is located in the center of the state of Ohio. The map to the right is clickable; click on an area code to go to the map for that code.

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North American Area code 614 is the area code for Columbus, Ohio and most of its close-in suburbs.

Ohio was originally assigned four area codes when the area code system was instituted in 1947, one for each quadrant of the state. 614 originally covered the southeastern quadrant, from Columbus to the Ohio River along the West Virginia border.

In 1998, nearly all of the southern portion of the old 614 territory was split into the new area code 740. Ameritech, at that time the predominant incumbent local exchange carrier ("ILEC"), had proposed a split of 614 which generally would have seen Franklin, Delaware and Marion Counties retaining 614, with other suburban Columbus counties following the rural portion of the old 614 into the new 740. A complaint before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio claiming unequal treatment of the suburban counties was brought by Granville attorney J. Drew McFarland, later joined by the Village of Granville, Licking and Fairfield counties and others, wishing for an overlay area code. The PUCO instead reduced the 614 footprint to Columbus itself and Franklin County (with a subsequent appeal making a slight variation that allowed Dublin to retain 614). The case represented the first time nationally that an ILEC's plan was substantially modified by consumer action. McFarland v. Ameritech Ohio, PUCO 97-547-TP-CSS

In 2001, it was announced that 614 would run out of phone numbers, and it was decided that a new area code 380 would be overlaid over 614 with the same geographic boundaries, and 10-digit dialing was made optional. It was planned that after a year, 10-digit dialing would become mandatory and new 380 numbers would be issued. In the intervening time, the growth of fax machines and mobile phones dropped significantly, and new relief efforts such as number pooling were instituted, and it seemed that a new area code would not be necessary in the immediate future. In early 2002, the 380 overlay plan was suspended indefinitely. 10-digit dialing remains optional, and the 380 area code remained reserved for Columbus but not used, as of November 2014.

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Ohio area codes: 216, 220, 234, 330, 419, 440, 513, 567, 614, 740, 937
North: 740
West: 740, 937 area code 614 East: 740
South: 740

Coordinates: 39°57′40″N 82°59′24″W / 39.96118°N 82.989942°W / 39.96118; -82.989942