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Area code 710 is a special area code, reserved to the federal government of the United States created in 1983. As of December 2006, it had only one working number, 710-NCS-GETS (710-627-4387), which requires a special access code to use. See Government Emergency Telecommunications Service for more information on this service.

Prior usage of 710[edit]

The 710 area code (along with area codes 510, 610, 810, and 910) was used prior to 1981 by AT&T for their TWX, or TeletypeWriter eXchange, network. The area code was decommissioned for TWX usage in 1981 when Western Union, which had acquired the TWX network in 1969 from AT&T and renamed it Telex II, upgraded the network to "4-row" ASCII operation (it previously used both "3-row" Baudot and ASCII transmission).

Current usage of 710[edit]

There is currently only one known working phone number in this area code. A special access code of 12 digits is required for using the service. Upon dialing this phone number, the caller hears a mechanical beep which prompts the caller to enter the area code. If a correct code is entered, they are prompted to dial the destination number (area code + number). If an access code is not entered at the beep, the call is then redirected to a live human operator who then asks for the access code.

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