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Fishermen and Farmers, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 1625-1631

Arent Arentsz, also known as Cabel, (1585 – 18 August (buried), 1631) was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.


Arentsz was born and died in Amsterdam. According to the RKD he signed his works with the monogram AA.[1] He is known for summer and winter landscapes, mostly of hunting and fishing scenes.[1] He was influenced by the landscape painter Hendrick Avercamp, but their works can be easily told apart.[1] Some of his works can be seen at the National Gallery (London)[2] and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.[3] Arentsz died in 1631 and was buried in the Oude Kerk.[1][4]


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There is a painting by this minor Dutch Master in the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto("Skaters")

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