Argentière Glacier

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Glacier of Argentière, seen from train station of Argentière

The Argentière Glacier is a glacier lying perpendicular to the Chamonix valley above the village of Argentière in Haute-Savoie département, south-eastern France.

From its source to the valley of Chamonix, the Argentière Glacier is nine kilometers long. Like many glaciers in the region, the Argentière has receded alarmingly. Between 1870-1967 the glacier has shrunk 100 meters. In the last five years glacier has receded to a position atop a steep slope.[1]

The glacier rapid retreat has been linked to a continuous negative mass balance. A five-year study started in 2004 showed that the glacier had lost an average of 1.5 m between 2004 and 2009. It also came to be known that there was a 10-11 m loss in average ice thickness from the glacier.[1]

The Argentière Glacier


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Coordinates: 45°57′37″N 6°58′46″E / 45.96028°N 6.97944°E / 45.96028; 6.97944