Argentina All Stars

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Argentina All Stars
Team Argentina Roller Derby logo.jpg
Founded 2011

Blue, white and black

Head coach Crazy Legs
Championships 13th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

The Argentina All Stars represent Argentina in women's international roller derby. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, and finished the tournament in last place, out of thirteen teams.

Several team members struggled to obtain appropriate equipment in advance of the World Cup; a benefit was organised by the Derby News Network, and various sponsors donated kit to the team.[1] However, Nina Brava, one of the team's skaters, claimed that Argentina had an advantage in that they had been able to practise together for more hours than their opponents.[2]

After the group stage of the World Cup, Argentina were ranked twelfth, with no wins. They then lost narrowly to Team Scotland, by 114 points to 91, thereby finishing the tournament in last place.[3]

Current team roster[edit]

Argentina is training for the 2014 edition of the Roller Derby World Cup with the following roster:

Number Name -
04 Bondiola Dirty Fucking Dolls
06 Huevo Sailor City Rollers
101 Bel Fast Cougar Rollers
13 Capitan Barbosa Sailor City Rollers
131 L'Pache 2x4 Roller Derby
138 Trouble Sailor City Rollers
14 Gedienta Cougar Rollers
147 Furious Dirty Fucking Dolls
1744 Turbonegra 2x4 Roller Derby
1953 Mad Flaca 2x4 Roller Derby
1980 Hulka 2x4 Roller Derby
22 Arson Tina Gotham Girls Roller Derby
25 Nina Brava Complot Derby Club
26 Tropical Mecanica Alianza Rebelde Roller Derby
265 Lula Zan 2x4 Roller Derby
3 Pixie Rage Cougar Rollers
33 Bombal Sailor City Rollers
35 Cruella Overkill Bloody Furias Roller Derby
428 Beetlejuice 2x4 Roller Derby
43 Vandelay Sailor City Rollers
45 Maki Lombera 2x4 Roller Derby
49 Holy Hooker Dirty Fucking Dolls
52 Sargentina Windy City Rollers
609 Sinner Cougar Rollers
707 Teniente Dan Sailor City Rollers
71 Animal 2x4 Roller Derby
8 Papap Mambas Negras Roller Derby
93 Kumbia Nena Sailor City Rollers
95 Manija Mambas Negras Roller Derby
999 Destripadora Alianza Rebelde Roller Derby

2011 team roster[edit]

Argentina announced its initial team roster in August 2011:[4]

Number Name League
2-2 Arson Tina Gotham Girls Roller Derby
17 Barbie Turik 2x4 Roller Derby
36 Chargin' Tina Los Angeles Derby Dolls
24 Crazy Legs Queen City Roller Girls
70 Disturbio Santo 2x4 Roller Derby
10 Ini 2x4 Roller Derby
Maga Lee 2x4 Roller Derby
45 MAKIavelica 2x4 Roller Derby
Minx X Vixen 2x4 Roller Derby
39 MissVik 2x4 Roller Derby
25 Nina Brava 2x4 Roller Derby
1920 Rosie the Ribhitter Houston Roller Derby
52 Sargentina Windy City Rollers
19 Sun of the Beach 2x4 Roller Derby
1744 Turbonegra 2x4 Roller Derby
White Rabbit 2x4 Roller Derby


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