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For other uses of Argentino, see Argentino (disambiguation).

Gold currency[edit]

The Argentino was an Argentine currency equal to 5 pesos oro sellado.

The 1/2 argentino coin was issued in 1881 and 1884 and it weighs 4.0322 grams. The argentino coin was issued from 1881 to 1896 and it weighs 8.0645 grams. Both were made of gold 0.900.

Planned currency[edit]

1998–2002 Argentinian
great depression

Economy of Argentina
Peso (currency)
Currency Board
2001 riots
Debt restructuring


The Argentino was a complementary currency in Argentina announced by then-president Adolfo Rodríguez Saá on December 26, 2001 towards the end of the Argentine economic crisis, but he resigned on December 30, 2001 and this plan was never implemented.

The currency was to replace the Patacón, the LECOP and other provincial bonds.