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The Argentine football league system consists of two national divisions (Primera Division and Primera B Nacional), and a series of regionalized lower divisions. Below the Primera B Nacional, leagues are split between those for clubs directly affiliated to the Argentine Football Association (mainly clubs from Greater Buenos Aires, but also some from the rest of the Buenos Aires Province and the Santa Fe Province), and those affiliated indirectly through their local leagues to the Association (covering the rest of the country). Clubs below the Primera B Nacional who are directly affiliated play in the Primera B Metropolitana, Primera C and Primera D, while those indirectly affiliated play in the Argentino A, Argentino B and Argentino C. These leagues make up the first five tiers of Argentine football. Below the fifth tier, there are various regional leagues for clubs indirectly affiliated. On the other hand, clubs directly affiliated have no league below the fifth (Primera D), therefore a club relegated from the Primera D has to spend one year without playing (disaffiliation).

Level Divisions
1st Primera División
20 clubs
2nd Primera B Nacional
22 clubs divided in 2 series of 11
3rd Primera B Metropolitana
22 clubs divided in 2 series of 11
Torneo Argentino A
39 clubs
4th Primera C
20 clubs divided in 2 series of 10
Torneo Argentino B
113 clubs
5th Primera D
18 clubs divided in 2 series of 9
Torneo Argentino C
6th Disaffiliation for one season Regional leagues


Level Divisions
1st Primera División
30 clubs
2nd Primera B Nacional
22 clubs
3rd Torneo Metropolitano A
22 clubs
Torneo Federal A
40 clubs
4th Torneo Metropolitano B
20 clubs
Torneo Federal B
128 clubs
5th Torneo Metropolitano C
16 clubs
Torneo Federal C
371 clubs
6th+ 105 Regional leagues


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