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AB Argir
Argja Bóltfelag's Logo
Full name Argja Bóltfelag
Nickname(s) AB
Founded August 15, 1973
Ground Vika Stadium
Argir, Faroes
Ground Capacity 2,000
Chairman Faroe Islands Andrass Drangastein
Manager DenmarkLennard Petersen
League 1. deild kvinnur
2010 2nd

Argja Bóltfelag is an Faroese football club based in Argir.

The women's team of Argja Bóltfelag play in the 1. deild kvinnur, the top division in Faroese football. They play their home games at Vika Stadium, in Argir.


Argja Bóltfelag (or AB) was founded on 15 August 1973 by Danish resident Johnny Nyby and other football lovers on Argir. In the spring of 1974 AB got a board, composed of Johnny Nyby, Chairman; Fróði Olsen, Co-Chairman; Sonja á Argjaboða, accountant; and Kristian Arge, board writer. Other members of the board were Erling Olsen, Sæmundur Mortensen and Jens Hansen. In the same year the team started in the regular competition.

Vika Stadium AB scores against B36 Tórshavn

They had poor training facilities at first - they trained in a school yard. Later they got a small ground to train on, but it was only 20 x 40 m². There was no football field on Argir at the time, but they were allowed to loan the field Gundadalur, which belongs to HB and B36. AB practiced and played their matches in Gundadalur, and this helped the team to survive.

In 1983 a football field was built on Argjum. This helped the team a lot, because they had their own field. In 1985 a new two-stores house was built for AB. AB did get the lower store, and the second store was a school classroom.

For some years, the second store remained a kindergarten school. In 1998 artificial grass was put on the football field, and the team had the same training facility as the rest of the football teams in the Faroes. In 2004 AB had grown enough to get the whole house.

In the summer of 2009, they are building seats for the fans to sit down, AB have never had seats, and that is the rules from FIFA.

Recent History[edit]

Gundadalur Stadium Asta Magnussen, Capitan, holding the Cup
Gundadalur Stadium AB Cup Winners 2009

In 2009 AB had a chance to win cup final, it was against record cup winner KÍ Klaksvík. AB made history and they won the cup for the first time. The result was 2–1 to AB, Mona Brekkman scored the first goal to make it 1–0, then KÍ Klaksvík equalized, but Brekkman scored again and the final score was 2–1 to AB.[1]

In 2011 they again reached the cup final, but this time lost 1–0 to KI.[2]

First team squad[edit]

Current squad[edit]

The current tram:[3] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Faroe Islands GK Simona Heinesen
2 Faroe Islands DF Rudi Rasmussen
3 Faroe Islands DF Hellen Haraldsen
4 Faroe Islands FW Ásleyg Súnadóttir
5 Faroe Islands DF Jytta Drangstein
5 Faroe Islands DF Vilhelmina Olsen
5 Faroe Islands MF Barbara Danielsen
5 Faroe Islands MF Rannvá Jarnskor Gray
6 Faroe Islands DF Valgerð Andreassen
7 Faroe Islands DF Rakul Jógvansdóttir
8 Faroe Islands DF Liljan av Fløtum Petersen
8 Faroe Islands DF Durita S. Jørgensen
9 Faroe Islands FW Mona Breckmann
9 Faroe Islands FW Elsa Splidt Jacobsen
10 Faroe Islands MF Olga Kristina Hansen
No. Position Player
11 Faroe Islands MF Steintóra G. Joensen
11 Faroe Islands MF Sandra Joensen
13 Faroe Islands MF Lisa í Liða
14 Faroe Islands MF Barbara á Dunga
15 Faroe Islands DF Doris í Garði Joensen
16 Faroe Islands MF Katarina Saxov
18 Faroe Islands FW Halltóra Joensen
19 Faroe Islands FW Anja R. Joensen
21 Faroe Islands MF Bjørt Miðberg
22 Faroe Islands GK Anny Thorsen
Faroe Islands DF Elin S. Holm
Faroe Islands MF Rannvá Poulsen
Faroe Islands MF Bjørg Syderbø
Faroe Islands MF Elin Katrina Thomsen
Faroe Islands DF Asta Magnussen

Technical staff[edit]

As of 1 August 2008.

Manager: Denmark Lennard Petersen
Assistant Manager: Faroe Islands Hans Eivind Olsen
Manager Under 19s: Faroe Islands Odd Færø


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