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Argunov - family of artists and architects, serfs of counts Sheremetev. They worked in Moscow and in Sheremetev’s mansions (Kuskovo, Ostankino, etc.), and also in St.Petersburg.

  • Fedor Leontyevich Argunov (1716-1754) - the painter.
  • Fedor Semenovich Argunov (about 1732 - 1768) - the cousin of painter I. P. Argunov. He probably studied at S. I. Chevakinski in St.Petersburg. He participated in construction of a house of Sheremetev on Fontanka (1750-1755) and lived in St.Petersburg. He was the author of the project of a Kitchen wing (1755), Grotto (1755 - 1775), Greenhouses (presumably, 1761-1762) and other constructions in style of a baroque in mansion Kuskovo.
  • Pavel Ivanovich Argunov (about 1768-1806) - the architect. He was the son of I. P. Argunov. From 1793 he headed construction of wooden palace-theatre in mansion Ostankino near Moscow (it is constructed in style of Russian classicism) in which under his projects a number of interiors was created.

Other Argunovs[edit]


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