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This article is about the British publisher. For the Michigan newspaper, see Argus-Press.

Argus Press is a British publishing company. It was acquired by British Electric Traction (BET) in 1966, and became the publishing arm of that company.

Argus Newspapers[edit]

The newspaper division of the company, Argus Newspapers, was purchased by Trinity International Holdings (later Trinity Mirror) in 1993.[1] Among its titles are the South London Press, the Reading Chronicle, and several other regional papers.[2]

Argus Specialist Publications[edit]

The magazine division of the company is Argus Specialist Publications. Among its former titles are several computing magazines:

Argus Press Software[edit]

The software division, Argus Press Software, was active in the 1980s, producing games for several home computer systems of the time.

It acquired Quicksilva and Starcade in 1984,[5][6] Bug Byte in 1985,[7] and also published titles by the wargame company MC Lothlorien.[8]

In 1987 Argus Press Software was purchased by its managing director, Stephen Hall, and renamed GrandSlam Entertainment.[9]


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