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Station statistics
Address 1118 West Argyle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60640
Coordinates 41°58′24″N 87°39′31″W / 41.973365°N 87.658561°W / 41.973365; -87.658561
Structure type Embankment
Platforms 1 Island platform
Tracks 4
Other information
Opened Chicago & Evanston Railroad:
May 21, 1885
Northwestern Elevated Railroad:
May 16, 1908
Rebuilt 1921, 2012
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Formerly Argyle Park
Passengers (2012) 867,732 Decrease 6% (CTA)
Preceding station   Chicago 'L'   Following station
toward Howard
Red Line
Route map
Purple Line Express
north to Linden
Red Line
north to Howard
Argyle St.
Purple Line Express
south to Loop
Red Line
south to 95th/Dan Ryan

Argyle is a station on the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' system. It is situated between the Berwyn and Lawrence stations on the Red Line, which runs from Rogers Park at Chicago's northern city limits, through downtown Chicago, to Roseland. It is an elevated station with a single island platform located at 1118 West Argyle Street in the West Argyle Street Historic District of Chicago's Uptown community area.


Argyle is situated on W. Argyle Street, close to the intersection with Broadway. The station is located in the West Argyle Street Historic District in the Uptown community area of Chicago; the area surrounding the station consists of a mixture commercial and residential areas,[1] and is particularly noted for the high concentration of Vietnamese restaurants, bakeries and shops; as well as Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian and Thai businesses.[2]


The new embankment at Argyle Station in 1916

The site of Argyle station was first used as depot called Argyle Park on the Chicago and Evanston branch of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad route, which opened on May 21, 1885.[3] On opening, the station houses along the route were described as "attractive frame structures built in the Gothic and Queen Anne styles."[3] In 1908 the Northwestern Elevated Railroad was extended north from Wilson, using the tracks of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, and a new station was constructed on the site of the previous depot.[4][5] The station was again rebuilt to a design by architect Charles P. Rawson when the tracks between Wilson and Howard were elevated onto an embankment between 1914 and 1922.[6] In 1979 the station received a $250,000 facelift,[7] and in 1991 a Chinese-style hipped-and-gabled roof was added to the platform canopy.[8] The station was closed for renovation from August 24 to October 5, 2012.[9]


Road with a railroad bridge crossing it. A train waits at a station on the bridge as passengers disembark
A northbound train at Argyle station

Argyle is part of CTA's Red Line, which runs from Howard to downtown Chicago and 95th Street. The station had an island platform on an embankment located between Broadway and Winthrop Avenue. It serves the Red Line's two tracks; the north-bound track serves trains to Howard, while the south-bound track serves trains to 95th Street. The station entrance is located on the north side of Argyle Street, built into the embankment. It is situated between the Berwyn and Lawrence stations. Red Line trains serve Argyle 24 hours a day every day; trains operate roughly every 3 to 9 minutes during rush hour and midday operation, with longer headways of up to 15 minutes at night.[10][11] The station is also located 12 a block from the #36 Broadway bus.


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