Arhizo Polemo

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Arhizo Polemo
Αρχίζω Πόλεμο
Studio album by Katy Garbi
Released May 10, 1996
Recorded 1996, Studio Sierra
Genre Pop, Modern Laika
Length 43:34
Label Sony Music Greece/Columbia
Producer Giannis Doulamis
Katy Garbi chronology
Atofio Hrysafi
Arhizo Polemo
Singles from Arhizo Polemo
  1. "Arhizo Polemo"
    Released: May 1996
  2. "Tha Melagholiso"
    Released: June 1996
  3. "Hamena"
    Released: August 1996
  4. "Mia Fora Kai Enan Kairo"
    Released: September 1996
  5. "Perasmena Ksehasmena"
    Released: October 1996
  6. "1,000,000 Nihtes"
    Released: December 1996
  7. "Apo Do Kai Pio Pera"
    Released: January 1997
  8. "Ftou Kseleftheria"
    Released: February 1997
  9. "Agio Kalokairi"
    Released: March 1997

Arhizo Polemo is an album by Greek singer Katy Garbi. It was released in May 1996 by Sony Music Greece and went three times Platinum in Greece, selling over 180,000 units in 1996. In 1997, Arhizo Polemo was the second best selling album of the year following Anna Vissi's Travma. It is to date her best selling album and it was the biggest selling album by a female artist of the 1990s. The album became huge in Greece and every single track on the album was a massive hit. It is considered[who?] to be one of the greatest albums released in Greece during the 1990s. "Tha Melaholiso," "Hamena," "Arhizo Polemo," and "Perasmena Ksehasmena" are not only considered Garbi's greatest hits, but four of the greatest and most successful songs of the 1990s.[citation needed]


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Tha Melaholiso" (Θα μελαγχολήσω; I Will Be Sad) Phoebus Phoebus 3:26
2. "Mia Fora Ki Ena Kero" (Μια φορά κι ένα καιρό; Once Upon A Time) Phoebus Phoebus 3:41
3. "Arhizo Polemo" (Αρχίζω πόλεμο; I Declare War) Giannis Doxas Phoebus 3:07
4. "Hamena" (Χαμένα; Lost) Phoebus Phoebus 3:49
5. "Perasmena Ksehasmena" (Περασμένα ξεχασμένα; Forgotten Past) Giannis Doxas Charis Andreadis 3:47
6. "Apo Do Kai Pio Pera" (Από δω και πιο πέρα; From Here To Beyond) Giannis Doxas Phoebus 3:45
7. "Ftou kai Kselefteria! (Ft. The Children's Choir Of Spiros Labrou)" (Φτου και ξελευτερία!; We're Free!) Giannis Doxas Phoebus 3:29
8. "Ftaime" (Φταίμε; It's Our Fault) Phoebus Phoebus 3:33
9. "1,000,000 Nihtes" (1,000,000 νύχτες; 1,000,000 Nights) Smaroula Maragoudaki Andreas Meksas 3:47
10. "Argises" (Άργησες; You're Late) Smaroula Maragoudaki Andreas Meksas 3:30
11. "De M'Agapises Pote Sou" (Δε μ'αγάπησες ποτέ σου; You've Never Loved Me) Phoebus Phoebus 2:59
12. "Agio Kalokeri" (Άγιο καλοκαίρι; Holy Summer) Giannis Doxas Phoebus 4:39

Music videos[edit]

  1. "Tha Melaholiso" (I Will Be Sad)
  2. "Mia Fora Ki Enan Kero" (Once Upon A Time)
  3. "Arhizo Polemo" (I Declare War)
  4. "Hamena" (Lost)
  5. "Perasmena Ksehasmena" (Forgotten Past)
  6. "Apo Do Kai Pio Pera" (From Here To Beyond)
  7. "1,000,000 Nihtes" (1,000,000 Nights)