Aria Maestosa

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Aria Maestosa
Stable release 1.4.10 / August 14, 2014; 3 months ago (2014-08-14)
Written in C++, wxWidgets
Operating system GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Available in English, French, Czech, Portuguese(Brazil), Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, German, Finnish, Norwegian
Type MIDI sequencer/editor
License GNU General Public License

Aria Maestosa is an open-source (GPL) MIDI sequencer/editor. It lets users compose, edit and play MIDI files in a simple user interface offering score, keyboard (piano-roll), guitar, drum and controller views. Aria Maestosa runs on Mac OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux.


  • Multitrack display and editing
  • Several editing modes: Score, Keyboard (Piano roll), Guitar Tablature and Drums
  • MIDI controllers (volume, pan, reverb, sustain...)
  • Various song settings: key signature, time signature, tempo, etc...
  • Various track settings: instrument, channel, volume, etc...
  • Ability to vary time signature during song
  • Support for MIDI recording
  • Song printing for all editing modes
  • Import/export MIDI (.mid) files
  • Export WAV (.wav) audio files (Mac OS X and Linux only)
  • Tab system: several songs may be opened at the same time
  • Background tracks: several track can be displayed in the same track

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