Arippu Bridge

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Arippu Bridge
Carries Motor vehicles on the B403 highway
Crosses Aruvi Aru
Locale Arippu, Mannar District
Total length 258 m (846 ft)
Width 7.35 m (24 ft)
Construction cost LKR540 million
Inaugurated October 16, 2011 (2011-10-16)
Arippu Bridge is located in Sri Lanka
Arippu Bridge
Location within Sri Lanka
Coordinates 8°48′14″N 79°57′02″E / 8.8038°N 79.9506°E / 8.8038; 79.9506Coordinates: 8°48′14″N 79°57′02″E / 8.8038°N 79.9506°E / 8.8038; 79.9506

Arippu Bridge (also known as the Thallady-Arippu Bridge) is a road bridge across Aruvi Aru (Malvathu Oya) in north western Sri Lanka. The bridge was formally opened on 16 October 2011.[1]

The bridge is 258 m (846 ft) long and 7.35 m (24 ft) wide.[2] The bridge cost 540 million rupees (US$4.9 million) and was financed by a soft loan from the British Government's Steel Bridge Programme.[2] The bridge is part of the B403 South Coast Road which connects Mannar with Puttalam.[1]