Arirang bond

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Arirang bond
Hangul 아리랑 본드;
아리랑 채권 (rare)
Hanja None;
아리랑 債券
Revised Romanization Arirang Bondeu;
Arirang Chaegwon
McCune–Reischauer Arirang Pondŭ;
Arirang Ch'aekwŏn

An Arirang bond is a won-denominated bond issued by a foreign entity in South Korea. The name refers to Arirang, a Korean folk song. The market for Arirang bonds is extremely small, constituting less than 0.2% of corporate bond issuance in South Korea. The Asian Development Bank was the first to issue Arirang bonds, with a 1995 issue of ₩80 billion worth of 7-year bonds.[1][2]


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