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Birth name Tricia Lourdes Juanita Aguirre
Born (1987-07-14) July 14, 1987 (age 27)
New Albany, Indiana, United States
Genres Synthpop, dance, electronic, witch house, industrial

singer, songwriter,

visual artist, actress
Instruments Vocals, keyboard
Years active 1993–present

Tricia Lourdes Juanita Aguirre (born July 14, 1987) better known by her stage name Arise is an American musician, singer and actress. She is of Jewish, Spanish, French, Bavarian and Russian descent.

Early Life 1987–2007[edit]

Tricia Lourdes Juanita Aguirre was born on July 14, 1987 in New Albany, Indiana. In the 1980s her father was in the navy and the family moved around several times, including a two-year deployment to Sardinia, Italy. Her father William sings and her grandmother, Lillian Juanita Lohmann modeled in her youth. The name Juanita has been passed on in Tricia's family for several generations. One of Tricia's favourite things to do as a child was go with her dad to a pumpkin patch miles away from the city to choose a pumpkin for Halloween. The family threw Halloween parties every year. She has always loved scary things, and while hosting sleepovers, she and her friends would often watch horror movies rather than typical movies for children. Aguirre was only four when she began drawing portraits and landscapes, as well as various Walt Disney characters which were always her favourite. In kindergarten during recess, she would sit at her desk and work on new animated material. She has mentioned several times that she always wanted to work for Walt Disney Studios. In June 1993, she was spotted at a theme park by a talent agent, was then approached along with her parents and was asked if she'd like to appear in a stage production of Aladdin. Because she had never performed on stage before as an actress, the child was hesitant, but her family and friend eventually talked her into it. She was chosen out of 500 other children for the small part. Being in Aladdin sparked her interest in both acting and dance. She went to summer camp regularly and auditioned for every show that was put on. She was also a girl scout for several years. In grade school, she was seen by her peers in a Fox Kids commercial, an article about her was covered by The Tribune and quickly gained school popularity, but not every peer of hers became a fan. She was disliked by another little girl due to all the attention she was getting, and the two never really got along. Throughout the 90's, Aguirre worked mainly in Musical theatre, and was heavily involved in her school theatre programme and choir, but after so many years of musicals, she became tired of them and decided to focus only on acting. She was seen in a multitude of commercials during her teenage years, including a commercial for Gap Inc., and movies as well as short films. She studied various dances including Ballet, Tap dance, Modern dance, hip hop and Belly dance over the course of 9 years and studied keyboard for 3 years in her middle school music class, along with the study of several languages, including the Spanish language, French language, Russian language and Arabic language. She once said in an interview that she loves to study and attend lectures, and that study even outside of school is both pivotal and beneficial. Dresses and dolls were a big part of her childhood. Her mother was the strict one in the household, keeping a very watchful eye on young Tricia. As a child, Aguirre was often dressed up with a curly perm to match. Oftentimes she was unable to play outside games with her friends because of a particularly nice dress she was wearing. This caused a very brief tomboy phase later. Even as an adult however, most of her clothes consist of dresses and skirts, her love of dresses deriving from her childhood wardrobe. She loves to wear tights as well. In high school she was not popular and often kept a close circle of friends around her. She was made fun of and mocked for being the "school celebrity". The torment was too much for her and soon after she graduated, she decided to move to Los Angeles. She had just turned 19. The only other time she had been or felt completely autonomous was when she and her then boyfriend randomly planned and took a trip to Boston, not informing anyone of their plan. Tricia was spotted by a casting agent while in a Santa Monica surf shop and was signed by Fame Talent Agency. This was only her second day in California.

Career 2007– Present[edit]

Around the same time as her performance in Aladdin, her dad had taken her to a Louisville, Kentucky studio for a Fox Kids commercial centering around her artwork. Some crew members gave her a tiny Director's chair to sit in she and was given some lines to recite. Clips of her artwork were displayed on a wall behind her. During art class, a lot of her classmates would line up and ask her to draw specific pictures for them. She said in an interview that she was honoured to do it. At 7 years old, she drew a flip book of the Disney character Thumper thumping his foot up and down with superb accuracy. By the time Tricia was 8, she was recognized on the street and was being paid for different shows, including a number of William Shakespeare plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream being her most notable one. In the spring of 1995, she was given a shopping spree by a director at Macy's as a present to her. That same year she toured Indianapolis. In 2010, Arise was in the movies Secretariat with Diane Lane and 2012's 2nd Serve with Guillermo Díaz. It was in Los Angeles at a friend's party that she got involved in the industrial music scene, and sang backup vocals for her friends and different bands. Electronic dance music was the main music genre played at the party. She had heard stories about New York City's music scene and headed back east to focus on music full-time. Tricia had become deeply influenced by industrial music, and decided to start a music project of her own, a brand called Arise. It was in New York City that she finally met her longtime Facebook friend, Comedian Rob Shapiro. They connected quickly, went to lunch together frequently and she attended several of his shows. On February 2012 she released her first album titled Amethyst Moon and is now working on a second album titled Horizon. Tricia briefly dated actor Yousuf Azami while living in Southern California.[1][2] 3<ref name= By 2010, Tricia began performing in a multitude of music videos, beginning with Downtrend's video of their song Madness Darkness in which she played a possessed young girl. During shooting break of a concert scene, there was a quick meet and greet and she signed some autographs and took pictures with new fans before returning to the set. There was also a horror film in production called Victim. She had a small role in the film as a concert attendee, but the film was scrapped for unknown reasons. Aguirre has always been a strong believer in ghosts and apparitions, and she had heard from friends of hers about Waverly Hills Sanitorium, and with her friends she booked a four-hour tour of the haunted sanatorium and was quoted saying "It was unmitigatedly the most frightening event of my existence." Since then, she has appeared in other videos for bands and solo artists, as well as a spoof zombie music video that allowed to combine her love of Sketch comedy with her horror roots. She will be appearing in two episodes of MTV2's new show Jobs That Don't Suck. Arise has since travelled to Canada for a number of tours and performances, and all over both American coasts for a number of music festivals and venues. It's said that her music is a combination of genres, with the influences of Synthesizer, Industrial music, Dubstep and Pop music, often fused together for producing her eccentric signature sound. She has stated that Mariah Carey is her biggest influence and her favourite singer. Her favourite song is Fantasy. Arise was just recently signed with SMMG indie record label.


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