Aristeidis Grigoriadis

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Aristeidis Grigoriadis
Medal record
Men's swimming
Competitor for  Greece
World Championships (LC)
Gold 2005 Montreal 50 m backstroke
European Championships (LC)
Gold 2008 Eindhoven 50 m backstroke
Gold 2012 Debrecen 100 m backstroke
Silver 2006 Budapest 50 m backstroke
Silver 2008 Eindhoven 100 m backstroke
Bronze 2006 Budapest 100 m backstroke
Mediterranean Games
Gold 2005 Almería 50 m backstroke
Gold 2005 Almería 100 m backstroke
Silver 2009 Pescara 100 m backstroke
Silver 2009 Pescara 4x100 m medley
Bronze 2005 Almería 4×100 m freestyle
Bronze 2009 Pescara 4x100 m freestyle

Aristeidis ("Aris") Grigoriadis (Greek: Άρης Γρηγοριάδης) (born 6 December 1985) is a Greek swimmer from Thessaloniki.


Grigoriadis was the first Greek swimmer to be crowned world champion in the 50 m backstroke event of the 2005 World Championships in Montreal. At the European Championships of Eindhoven in 2008, he won two medals: the gold in 50 m backstroke and the silver in 100 m backstroke.

He participated at the 2012 Olympic Games in the 100 m backstroke event, in which he reached the semifinals, taking the 14th place.