Aristotle Dreher

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Aristotle Dreher
Aristotle Dreher appearing with Vaeda at Vans Warped Tour 2008
Background information
Origin United States
Occupations Musician, Artist, Filmmaker, Actor
Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Years active 2000 - present
Associated acts Vaeda
Con the Villain
The Bastard Kings Of Rock
Patrick Droney
Notable instruments
Music Man Stingray
Gibson Les Paul
Washburn Acoustic Guitars
Korg Keyboards

Aristotle Dreher is an American artist, songwriter/musician, and photographer from Bay Shore, New York. He is known as a founding member and bass player for the band Vaeda.[1] He is currently playing bass in the band Cage 9, previous bands include Vaeda, former Size 14 Bassist Robt Ptak's band The Bastard Kings Of Rock . His unique musical techniques stem from his artistic ingenuity. Drawing from childhood influences like Les Claypool, Jeff Ament, and Justin Chancellor, Aristotle has created his own signature sound and a physically dominating, energetic performance style.[2]

Along with performing in a band, Dreher is also a highly skilled visual artist and filmmaker.[3] He has also made several acting appearances in films and television. Aristotle also has an unusual affinity for Cheez Waffles and will often reference them.[4]


  • Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray - Dreher’s main bass for performance and recording is the EBMM 5-string Stingray he traded his Les Paul Standard for before recording State of Nature. The bass’s woods and electronics help create the midrange cut and punch for which he is known. Dreher has been known to use a Schecter Omen-8 string bass (used on the track "All For You" on the album Unsafe at any Speed) Aristotle normally plays a hybrid set of Ernie Ball strings (.045, .065, .085, .105, .120)
  • When performing or recording with his Music Man Stingray, Dreher gets his various tones through his playing style - Tap Harmonics (used in the verse sections of "Fake the Moment"), Tapping (used in the verse sections of "Asleep at the Wheel"), and Lead Guitar techniques (used in parts of "The Bystander Effect") as well as a creative use of a myriad of effects.
  • Aristotle has also used a 4 string Fender Jazz Bass in his previous band The Bastard Kings Of Rock



Playing style[edit]

Aristotle uses many guitar techniques which include using a pick, chords, harmonics, effects, as well as hammer ons and pull offs. He uses his many effects to create guitar like and often synthesizer types of sonic textures. For example, in the song Asleep at the Wheel,[5] he uses a delay and flanger and a two hand tapping technique to create a sound more like a keyboard.

In the verses of the song "Fake the Moment," Dreher uses distortion, chorus, flanger and delay along with a melodic pattern of tap harmonics which creates a unique sound similar to that of bells chiming.

The main riff of "The Bystander Effect" is bass with distortion, overdrive, wah and delay which also creates a guitar-like solo in the bridge section.

He also uses the Digitech whammy pedal in conjunction with tremolo in several spots throughout his live performances to create a disorienting chaotic ambient feeling.

His sense of timing, odd signatures and complex rhythms while working with drummer Oliver Williams creates a stark and identifiable rhythm section.


Dreher borrows and combines many of the playing techniques and performance styles of the following notable musicians.