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Randy Johnson, has pitched for the Diamondbacks from 1999 to 2004, and then from 2007 to 2008.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a professional baseball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Diamondbacks are a member of both the Major League Baseball’s (MLB) National League Western Division and the National League (NL) itself. Since the 1998 season, the Diamondbacks have played in Chase Field (formerly named "Bank One Ballpark").[1] The name "Diamondback", inspired by the Western diamondback snake, was chosen among thousands of entries that were received from a contest to name the team.[2]

Arizona made their Major League debut in the 1998 baseball season, where they were an expansion team.[3] After losing their first season, the Diamondbacks were the National League West Division Champions in the 1999 baseball season and made it to the National League Division Series where they lost to the New York Mets.[4] They rebounded in 2001, however, and defeated the New York Yankees four games to three to win the 2001 World Series.[5] In the 2002 baseball season, Arizona made it back to the National League Division Series, but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals.[6] In the following four seasons, the Diamondbacks didn't make it into the playoffs. Arizona would, however, win their division in 2007, but only to lose to the Colorado Rockies in the National League Championship Series.[7] The following season, Arizona just missed the playoffs, after the National League West was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Regular season results[edit]

World Series Champions
National League Champions
Division Champions
Wild Card Berth
League[8] Division[8] Regular season Post-season Awards
Finish[a] Wins[b] Losses Win% GB[c]
Arizona Diamondbacks
1998 1998 NL West 5th 65 97 .401 33
1999 1999 NL West 1st 100 62 .617 Lost NLDS[d] vs. New York Mets, 3-1[4] Randy Johnson (CYA)[g],[9] Steve Finley (GG)
2000 2000 NL West 3rd 85 77 .525 12 Randy Johnson (CYA),[9] Steve Finley (GG)
2001 2001 NL West 1st 92 70 .568 Won NLDS vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 3-2
Won NLCS[e] vs. Atlanta Braves, 4-1
Won World Series vs. New York Yankees, 4-3[5]
Randy Johnson (CYA),[9] Luis Gonzalez (SS), Craig Counsell (NLCS MVP),

Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling (WS MVP)

2002 2002 NL West 1st 98 64 .605 Lost NLDS vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 3-0[6] Randy Johnson (CYA)[9]
2003 2003 NL West 3rd 84 78 .519 16½
2004 2004 NL West 5th 51 111 .315 42 Steve Finley (GG)
2005 2005 NL West 2nd 77 85 .475 5
2006 2006 NL West 4th 76 86 .469 12 Brandon Webb (CYA),[9] Orlando Hudson (GG)
2007 2007 NL West 1st 90 72 .556 Won NLDS vs. Chicago Cubs, 3-0
Lost NLCS vs. Colorado Rockies, 4-0[7]
Bob Melvin (MOY) [h],[10] Orlando Hudson (GG),

Micah Owings (SS)

2008 2008 NL West 2nd 82 80 .506 2
2009 2009 NL West 5th 70 92 .432 25
2010 2010 NL West 5th 65 97 .401 27
2011 2011 NL West 1st 94 68 .580 Lost NLDS vs. Milwaukee Brewers, 3-2 Kirk Gibson (MOY), Gerardo Parra (GG),

Justin Upton (SS, Fielding Bible Award), Daniel Hudson (SS)

2012 2012 NL West 3rd 81 81 .500 13 Aaron Hill (SS)
2013 2013 NL West 2nd 81 81 .500 11
Totals Wins Losses Win%
1291 1301 .498 All-time regular season record
17 19 .472 All-time postseason record
1308 1320 .498 All-time regular and postseason record

These statistics are current as of 11/6/12. Bold denotes a playoff season, pennant or championship; italics denote an active season.


  • a The Finish column lists regular season results and excludes postseason play.
  • b The Wins and Losses columns list regular season results and exclude any postseason play. Regular and postseason records are combined only at the bottom of the list.
  • c The GB column lists "Games Back" from the team that finished in first place that season. It is determined by finding the difference in wins plus the difference in losses divided by two.
  • d NLDS stands for National League Division Series.
  • e NLCS stands for National League Championship Series.
  • g CYA stands for Cy Young Award.
  • h MOY stands for Manager of the Year.


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