Arkady Dvorkovich

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Arkady Dvorkovich

Arkady Vladimirovich Dvorkovich (Russian: Аркадий Владимирович Дворкович; born 26 March 1972) Dvorkovich is a Russian public servant and economist, who was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister in Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet on 21 May 2012. He was previously an Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation since 13 May 2008 til May 2012. His father, Vladimir Dvorkovich, was an international chess arbiter.[1] Dvorkovich is an official of the Russian Chess Federation. Dvorkovich favors his opponent, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who is running for re-election of FIDE.[2]



Professional interests: economic regulation, financial management, tax planning. According to BusinessWeek (2003) Arkady was included in the list of 50 potential world leaders.

Speaks English and German languages.

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