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The Arkansas–LSU football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Arkansas Razorbacks football team of the University of Arkansas and LSU Tigers football team of Louisiana State University. The first game between the Razorbacks and Tigers was played in 1901. With the admission of Arkansas as a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 1992, the rivalry became an annually scheduled game between fellow members of the SEC's Western Division. The "Golden Boot" trophy was first awarded to the game's winner in 1996. The game was usually played on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but this was changed for the 2014 season when Texas A&M was scheduled to play LSU on Thanksgiving. Arkansas on the other hand is scheduled to play Missouri for that week.

The two teams have played 58 times since 1901, and as of the 2012 contest, 21 consecutive times after Arkansas' induction into the SEC. During that time, Arkansas has won 20 games of the series while LSU has won 36. Arkansas and LSU have twice ended the game in a tie, in 1906 and the 1947 Cotton Bowl Classic.


Pre-Golden Boot era[edit]

Arkansas and LSU began playing each other in 1901, when LSU claimed a 15-0 victory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Between 1906–36 (with the exception of 1918) and 1953–56, the two teams played each other during regular seasons on a yearly basis. In addition, the two teams have played each other at the end of the regular season in the Cotton Bowl Classic twice, on January 1 of 1947 and 1966, the former being the second tie in the series while the latter ended in a 14-7 LSU victory.

In 1992, LSU and Arkansas resumed their annual rivalry when Arkansas joined the Southeastern Conference after leaving the Southwest Conference. The teams played each other four times in the conference before the introduction of the Golden Boot trophy in 1996.

Golden Boot era[edit]

The Boot is approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) tall.

LSU leads the trophy series 11-7. Beginning in 1996, the winning team has received the 175-pound Golden Boot trophy.[1] The trophy itself stands a little over 4 feet tall, is molded out of 24-karat gold, and resembles the outline of the states of Arkansas and Louisiana connected, thus making a boot shape. The "Golden Boot" was created by former Razorback linebacker(1981–85) David Bazzel. From 1996–2008, the game was played on the day after Thanksgiving, and has been played on alternating years in Little Rock, Arkansas at War Memorial Stadium, which is the secondary home stadium for the Razorbacks, and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Tiger Stadium. The series has generally represented an important battle in the SEC Western Division, with either Arkansas or LSU representing the division in the SEC Football Championship Game in many seasons.

LSU won the inaugural trophy meeting in 1996, 17–7, and for the next six years, the trophy changed hands every meeting, beginning with LSU in 1997. After Arkansas' "Miracle on Markham" victory in 2002, LSU won the Golden Boot 4 straight times from 2003–06.

The trophy returned to Arkansas' possession on November 23, 2007 when the Razorbacks beat then top-ranked, and eventual BCS National Championship game winner LSU 50-48 in three overtimes in Baton Rouge; The victory was the first for former Razorback coach Houston Nutt in five tries in Tiger Stadium. Arkansas successfully defended the Golden Boot again in 2008 with a spectacular come-from-behind victory in the last minute of the game. However, in 2009, LSU recaptured the trophy with a field goal by Josh Jasper in overtime. The 2010 matchup was played on November 27 in Little Rock, and was won 31-23 by Arkansas with head coach Bobby Petrino. Top ranked LSU overcame an early 14-point deficit to reclaim the trophy in 2011, 41-17.

Beginning in 2014, the Battle for the Boot will no longer be played on the final weekend of the regular season. LSU will instead face Texas A&M, while Arkansas will take on an annual meeting with Missouri. Missouri has been designated as Arkansas' permanent cross-division opponent from the East beginning in 2014, replacing South Carolina, which came into the SEC with Arkansas in 1992. The first meeting, on November 15, 2014, resulted in a 17-0 Arkansas win over #17 ranked LSU.

Game results[edit]

Arkansas victories are colored ██ red. LSU victories are colored ██ purple. Ties are white.[2]