Arkansas Highway 119

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Highway 119 marker

Highway 119
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Counties: Clay, Mississippi
Highway system
Hwy. 118 Hwy. 120

Arkansas Highway 119 (AR 119, Ark. 119, and Hwy. 119) is a series of state highways that run in eastern Arkansas.

Route description[edit]

Section 0[edit]

Highway 119
Location: MariaDriver
Length: 5.73 mi[1] (9.22 km)

Highway 119 is a state highway of 5.73 miles (9.22 km) that runs in Mississippi County.[1][2] It begins at an intersection with Hwy. 14 in Maria and heads east. After 1.9 miles (3.1 km), it makes a left turn and heads north for about one mile (1.6 km) before turning due east again. It continues east for 1.7 miles (2.7 km) before turning south and ending at an intersection with US 61 in Driver.

Section 1[edit]

Highway 119
Location: ButlerRotan
Length: 4.27 mi[1] (6.87 km)

Highway 119 is a short state highway of 4.27 miles (6.87 km) that runs in Mississppi County.[1] It begins at an access road for a Mississippi River levee and runs west to an intersection at US 61 between Rotan and Driver.[2]

Section 2[edit]

Highway 119
Location: OsceolaVictoria
Length: 7.22 mi[1] (11.62 km)

Highway 119 is a 7.22-mile (11.62 km) state highway in Mississippi County running from US 61 in Osceola to Hwy. 158 near Victoria.[1] It begins at the intersection of US 61 (North Walnut Street) and West Semmes Avenue. It travels west intersecting the southern terminus of one segment of Hwy. 325 at North Ermen Lane and the northern terminus of Hwy. 119Y. There, it turns north, then west, and north again before crossing over I-55 and terminating at Hwy. 158 outside the community of Victoria.[2]

Osceola spur[edit]

Highway 119S
Location: Osceola
Length: 0.54 mi[1] (0.87 km)

Highway 119Y is a short 0.54-mile (0.87 km) spur of Hwy. 119 entirely in Osceola, Mississippi County. It connects an intersection of Hwy. 140 north to section 2 of Hwy. 119.[1][2]

Section 4[edit]

Highway 119
Location: Leachville
Length: 3.36 mi[1] (5.41 km)

Highway 119 is a 3.36-mile (5.41 km) state highway entirely in Leachville, Mississippi County that runs from an intersection with Hwy. 18 north to Hwy. 77.[1][2]

Section 5[edit]

Highway 119
Location: Poplar CornerBox Elder
Length: 5.57 mi[1] (8.96 km)

Highway 119 is a 5.57-mile (8.96 km) state highway that runs in Mississippi County.[1] It begins at an intersection with Hwy. 77 in Poplar Corner and heads north for about 2 miles (3.2 km) before turning east. After one mile (1.6 km), it is in the community of Buckeye and makes a left turn towards the Missouri state line. It travels north for about 2.6 miles (4.2 km) before entering the community of Box Elder and ending at the state line.[2] Missouri Supplemental Routes K and Y continue north from the state line and travel to Hornersville, Missouri.[2]

Section 6[edit]

Highway 119
Location: Rector
Length: 3.03 mi[3] (4.88 km)

Highway 119 is a 3.03-mile (4.88 km) state highway entirely in Clay County. The route runs north from an intersection with Hwy. 139 near the community of Leonard to an intersection with US 49 in the city of Rector.[4]


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