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Highway 12 marker

Highway 12
Route information
Maintained by AHTD
Length: 56.6 mi[1] (91.1 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
West end: SH-116, Oklahoma state line
  Hwy. 59 / Hwy. 264 at Gentry
US 71B / Hwy. 72 at Bentonville
I-49 / US 62 / US 71 at Rogers
US 62 – Rogers
East end: Hwy. 23 east of Clifty
Counties: Benton, Madison
Highway system
Hwy. 11 Hwy. 13

Arkansas Highway 12 is an east–west state highway in Northwest Arkansas. The route runs 56.60 miles (91.09 km) from Oklahoma State Highway 116 near Cherokee City east to Arkansas Highway 23 near Clifty.[2]

Route description[edit]

AR 12 in east Rogers.

AR 12 begins at the Oklahoma state line at SH-116. The route runs east, crossing AR 43 before entering Gentry. AR 12 meets AR 59B (Collins Avenue)[3] and AR 59 (Gentry Blvd.)[3] before leaving the city. The highway continues east through Springtown and Highfill, meeting AR 264 in south Highfill. AR 12 angles north past Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport to Vaughn before meeting AR 112 and US 71B near the Bentonville Municipal Airport. AR 12 becomes concurrent with many routes for the next 9.0 miles (14.5 km), crossing the Fulbright Expressway (I-49/US 62/US 71) entering Rogers.[2]

The route runs along former US 62B before meeting AR 94 in Rogers. After this the concurrency ends, and AR 12 becomes a winding 2-lane road with several steep grades and hairpin curves around Beaver Lake. The route meets AR 303 near War Eagle and AR 127 near Clifty, when the route terminates at AR 23.[4]

From Rogers east to Clifty, the Scenic Highway 12 East Association maintains a website which outlines various points of interest on this segment of highway. Hydrologically Arkansas Highway 12 lies within the Arkansas River catchment basin.

Major intersections[edit]

Mile markers reset at concurrencies

County Location Mile[2][4] km Destinations Notes
  0.0 0.0 SH-116 at OklahomaArkansas state line
Benton Cherokee City 0.5 0.8 Hwy. 43
Gentry 5.8 9.3 Hwy. 59B (Collins Ave.)
6.0 9.7 Hwy. 59 (Gentry Blvd.)
Highfill 14.0 22.5 Hwy. 264 east (S Highfill Ave.) AR 264 western terminus
Vaughn 20.1 32.3 Hwy. 279 north (S Vaughn Road.) AR 279 southern terminus
Bentonville 26.0 41.8 Hwy. 112 south (SW H Street.) concurrency begins
US 71B north (Rainbow Lane)
US 71B (Walton Blvd.) concurrency begins
Hwy. 112 north AR 112 concurrency ends
I-49 / US 62 east / US 71 south (Fulbright Expressway)
Rogers I-49 / US 71 north (Fulbright Expressway)
US 71B south / Hwy. 94 (S 8th St.) US 71B concurrency ends, AR 94 concurrency north
US 62 west US 62 east, AR 94 north, AR 12 east
0.0 0.0 US 62 east / Hwy. 94 north (Hudson Rd.) Concurrencies end
Hobbes State Park 11.5 18.5 Hwy. 303 east AR 303 western terminus
Lookout 16.5 26.6 Hwy. 127 east AR 127 western terminus
Madison Clifty 23.5 37.8 Hwy. 45 south AR 45 northern terminus
28.7 46.2 Hwy. 127 west AR 127 eastern terminus
29.9 48.1 Hwy. 23 (Pig Trail Scenic Byway) eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Arkansas Highway 12 was one of the original 1926 state highways.

The route from Oklahoma to Rogers was originally designated as Arkansas State Road B-27 in Arkansas' initial state highway system of 1924.[5] The route was unpaved. Upon redesignation in 1926, Arkansas Highway 12 was the major east–west route of north Arkansas, running from Oklahoma to Ash Flat via Harrison.[6] This AR 12 was a precursor to U.S. Route 62 in Arkansas, which supplanted AR 12 almost entirely in 1930.[7] The portion not replaced by US 62 remained AR 12, and is very similar to the present–day alignment. The routing was changed slightly in August 2010 when AR 12 replaced US 62 Business in east Rogers.[2]

Despite no major routing changes since 1930, AR 12 has seen major change along its shoulders. Running through small mountain towns at inception, today AR 12 serves America's sixth–fastest growing metropolitan area. [8]


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